From September 23 to 27, 2019, an academic mission of UITM in the People’s Republic of China took place. On behalf of the university, the event was attended by representatives of the Bureau of International Affairs: Mr Michał Nędza and Mrs Justyna Żyła.

During their stay in the Middle Kingdom, the UITM delegation took part in numerous meetings with representatives of the authorities of universities, secondary and vocational schools, as well as with students who expressed their interest in studying at our university and their parents. These meetings were an opportunity to talk about promoting the educational offer of UITM as well as our country as a place friendly for international students.

The greatest interest among pupils and their parents enjoyed the faculties of Aviation Management and General Aviation, elite first degree studies conducted under the patronage of Lufthansa. Undoubtedly, it is related to the fact that in the next few years China will become the largest aviation market in the world, and studies at UITM will guarantee that students will find a well-paid job in the aviation sector – emphasizes Michał Nędza, manager of BSM.

The result of the trip was also the establishment of cooperation in the scope of student and academic staff exchange as well as the launch of joint study programs with key Chinese universities, including North University of China, Shanxi Datong University and Xinzhou Teachers University.