During this horrible time of war in our neighboring country, international students, staff and the university governance are doing everything in their power to help.

Last week, UITM organized  a 3-day supply collection at the university premises and after the overwhelming response from the members of local communities, we managed to send donated goods not only to the places in our region were  refugees are arriving, but also directly to cities in Ukraine, where civilians need every hint of help they can get.

The only way to act during this humanitarian crisis is to act together,  by joining forces we have a greater chance at success. Our volunteers who speak Ukrainian, Polish, and English are working tirelessly  with the  local government in various locations in Rzeszow and also in reception points.

The university is operating and providing services as usual. The fact that Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO gives us a great sense of protection here. Everyone living and studying in Rzeszów is safe, no need to panic. Every effort is made to help Ukrainian students and other international students to deal with this difficult situation. We provide psychological help and also financial support for students from Ukraine.

With 130 thousand international students fleeing war zones in Ukraine, we are welcoming those who want to stay in our city to continue their studies at UITM.