A script, which does not exist, actors who do not know the text, the audience which does not know what will happen; IMPRO IMPRA in IQ Club guarantees it all plus good fun

Improvisation groups are the most dynamically developing – apart from stand-ups – variations of the stage comic groups. Recently, they have gained independence and successfully compete with cabarets. Actors engage the audience in clever games, they receive suggestions, topics and single words from the audience, which they have to change into scenes with characters chosen by the audience.

On February 27, the IQ Club organises Impro Impra – an event during which two improvisation groups will perform – for the second time. The first one – Sic group – comes from Krakow. It was created in 2014. The group members use a wide range of improvisation techniques. Their scenes are acted out with passion and soul and are real fun.

Rzeszow will be represented by the Anyway group which uses mainly short and fast forms. The group, which has been performing in many city clubs for the last two years, has already endeared themselves to the audience. They are active members of the Improvisation Club which promotes impros in the region.

Impro Impra is an event meant for those who want to watch fascinating stories created without prior preparation and which, above all, are really funny. The phenomenon of the popularity of the impro can be observed on Wednesday, February 27 at 20:00 in the IQ Club (UITM). The entrance is free of charge.