The ubiquitous digitization has an impact on almost all areas of our lives. The entrepreneurial model based on digital techniques is the future. It is important for generating new sources of income as well as reducing operating costs. With this in mind, we see the need for multi-directional inspiration of digital entrepreneurship and awareness among a generation of resourceful and convinced of the value of doing business based on the world of digital services.

Inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship and Awareness (IDEA) is a project prepared as part of the Erasmus Strategic Project by a team of employees of IBAF, the University of Dubrovnik and partner institutions from countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Romania and Belgium. Due to the orientation towards digital entrepreneurship, this project is intended to increase the chances of professional success of the students it is dedicated to. It will also contribute to raising the awareness of higher education institutions and educational authorities about the potential of digital competences and entrepreneurial skills as well as their role as factors of business success. We encourage you to check the project website: