On March 25-29, in Modena, the International Academy of Innovative Methods and Techniques of Education was held, which was attended by scientific and teaching staff of UITM University.

15 teachers from the countries involved in the BEAST project took part in the Academy. The host was a university from Italy which cooperates with Stanford University and has experience in the development of didactics and education using innovative methods such as Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Mind Mapping and Getting Things Done.

The goal of this International Academy of Innovative Methods and Techniques of Education was organized to raise the teaching competences. The project “Be Awared Student”, will be responsible for creating a new subject program “Business Model – I am an IT specialist with passion”.

The training was of a workshop nature. In the first part of the Academy, the participants learned the methodology of Design Your Life, which shows how project thinking can help to plan a daily life. The second part of the week was devoted to discussions around the “Business Model, ME”, which helps for conscious career planning.

During the Academy participants took part in two meetings. First they took part in Foundation of Golinelli, which runs a long-term development program, whose main goal is to create innovative training ways for students. Mainly, this foundation focuses on projects related to biotechnology, pharmacy and quality of life.

And the second meeting took place in the Future Food Urban CooLab, which focuses on food-related innovations such as:

  • Food Alchemist (new food production techniques);
  • Food Maker (3D food printers, precision food sensors, robots, AI and VR systems);
  • Urban Farmer (laboratory dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic herbs, vegetables and edible insects using modern technologies).

On the last day of the training, the Italian students joined this event and helped verify ideas for the International Summer School for students to be held in Rzeszów in September.

Participation in the Academy is indeed valuable experience for teachers to become a better didactic in the future, supporting students in conscious career planning.

About BEAST project:

In October 2018, an agreement was signed between the FRSE and our University for co-financing the “BE Aware Student (BEAST)” project funded by the ERASMUS+ Program. The project will be implemented until the beginning of 2021.

The BEAST project is made to develop tools to help students make educational and vocational decisions. These tools are also intended to help students to choose the thematic areas on which it is worth focusing on in the course of their studies. The main result of the project will be an innovative course in the partnership “Business Model – You. IT specialist with PASSION “shaping the ability to generate personal business models and the ability to use innovative ideas in shaping a professional career.

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