Officially we have started new Academic Year.

Several dozen undergraduate students in English-speaking faculties: Nursing, International Business Management and Programming inaugurated the academic year at UITM.

Finally our new students from Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Gambia and Nigeria officially joined the Academic Community of the University of Information Technology and Management.

The most important point of the Inauguration was Immatriculation, i.e. the admission of students to the UITM academic community. During the event, Ezechuku Godson Madu, a student of Nursing Programme, spoke on behalf of the Student Government. What is more, a inaugural lecture “Future-proof skillset” was presented to new students. A journey of young people to their employability and workability was delivered by Justyna Berniak-Woźny, PhD, President’s Representative for Internationalization of the University. On behalf of the University Authorities, the ceremony was hosted by Magdalena Louis – President’s Representative for International Cooperation.

Students starting their studies at UITM from the summer semester of the 2021/22 academic year could not hide their joy at joining the largest private university in Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

„I come from Zimbabwe. My mother recommended Poland to me and it turned out to be a good choice. I like the size of UITM, it’s not your typical huge campus university, but it has advanced educational facilities and amazing staff. I study Programming, I know that the IT industry in Poland has developed and I am sure that my studies will significantly improve my position on the labor market. UITM offers high-quality education with such a dream, low tuition fee (compared to other countries), and I know it because I studied in one of them. After graduation, I plan to work in different parts of the world” says Joey Gora, a Programming student.

„I live in Palestine. I wanted to study in Europe and UITM offered the program I was looking for. Studying abroad brings with it the challenges of living in another country, it allows you to better understand the world. People here are very friendly and helpful, never felt lost since i arrived. The city is safe, and everyone speaks English. I would like to finish my studies here at UITM and find a job in a company where I can continue to learn and improve, preferably somewhere in the Middle East” – says Loay, a student of International Business Management.

„I chose UITM because it is a good university that offers advanced learning methods. I come from India, but I decided to come to Poland. I believe that education in your country is at a high level, and Poland is located in the heart of Europe. Poland is a really cool place, only the climate is a small challenge. However, once you get used to it, it seems quite enjoyable. At UITM, all classes are practical, and the people are helpful and friendly. I am going to do my master’s degree right after completing my undergraduate studies” – describes Tiara Merwin, starting her studies in Nursing.