A few thousand people looking for new career challenges visited the Podkarpackie Job Fair on Thursday, February 14.

The Career Office of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow organized the Podkarpacie Job Fair in the Podpromie Hall for the 18th time. The number of visitors is dynamically grows each year, as well as the number of companies offering employment in our region.

This year, 50 companies related to aviation, production, IT, automotive sector, finance, consulting, banking, service as well as employment agencies offered jobs at the fair. For several hours, the exhibitors’ stands were besieged by those willing to take up a job in one of the fast developing companies. The fair was attended not only by students and graduates, but also the ones who would like to change their career path.

Danuta Majka, a communication specialist at Safran Transmission Systems Polska (a company which has been operating in Poland for 18 years), assured that her company is waiting for new employees.

In the last five years, we recorded 100% increase in employment and we are still growing. We are looking for graduates of secondary schools, as well as other companies, quality controllers, quality control engineers or process technologists. Our new employees can also count on additional packages, such as studies and language courses.

Companies’ representatives emphasized, that many visitors came to the Podkarpackie Job Fair with specific expectations and questions.

At the stand of Deloitte, the strategic partner of the fair, there gathered crowds of people ready to learn more about the company. Representatives of Deloitte were answering questions and suggesting how to start the application process. Experienced people and those who are just about to start their professional career could talk about their chances and challenges of working in the financial, IT and risk management sectors.

Kamila Cichoń, Junior Recruitment Specialist at Pracuj.pl, emphasized that people who can deal with customers easily, have the biggest chances getting a job:

We are looking for people who are not afraid of talking with customers and who have experience in this area, for example from work in a shop or restaurant. Attendance at the fair is really impressive and I am really glad that we are part of it.

The Job Fair offers a neutral ground for employer-candidate meetings. Based on the large attendance we can draw a conclusion that such initiatives are very important for both employers and candidates.

The manager of the UITM Career Service, Ewa Podgórska, summarised this year’s fair with a smile on her face:

The attendance went beyond our expectations and we are sure we are on the right track. We keep acquiring new partners for cooperation, many companies express willingness to participate in our fairs, and the interest among visitors is constantly growing, so for us – the organizers – it is a clear signal that this endeavour needs to be continued. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating in the fair yesterday, both the employers and candidates.