Four International Students Share Their Experiences in Poland. Highlights from the Talk Show and Performance by Out the Blue Band.

The second day of the Melting the Pot Festival was filled with enlightening conversations and entertaining performances. The highlight of the day was a talk show at IQ Club hosted by Patriot Lumumba, featuring four international students.

Quyen, an aviation management student from Vietnam, shared how she improved her personal development and became more outgoing since coming to Poland. She also mentioned the cultural shock she felt due to the time difference, but she managed to overcome it with the help of her friends and family.

Alireza, from Iran, shared how he has become more goal-oriented and expanded his social circle. He also likes Pierogi and mentioned that most people confuse Arabs for Persians, and he found it amusing to educate his friends about the difference.

Gary, a sports enthusiast from Zimbabwe, shared his passion for rugby and his adventurous spirit. He talked about his desire to develop more exposure in rugby from a different point of view and bring that back to Zimbabwe.

Archil, an author of the book ‘Young Veteran,’ shared his thoughts on how life is an experience, and the more we have, the more veteran we become. He mentioned how important it is to embrace new experiences and learn from them.

They all shared their funny moments which had the audience in stitches. The talk show was followed by a musical performance by the Out the Blue band, which added to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

The Melting the Pot Festival provided a platform for students from different backgrounds to share their experiences, insights, and perspectives. Quyen, Alireza, Archil, and Gary’s stories showcased the resilience and adaptability of individuals in overcoming challenges in a new country. Their stories reminded everyone that no matter where we come from, we can all find common ground and make a home away from home. The festival’s message of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural exchange was well-received by the audience, making it a successful event.