Are you sure that your studies will prepare you well for your dream job? Do you dream about internship during which you will not make coffee? Would you like to undergo a job placement in a company where you will be an important team member and work for real clients? Our Career Office has acquired 5 million PLN for the implementation of internships and trainings in the best companies in our region. Don’t miss this chance. It will be a strong point in your CV!
“One of the main benefits of internships is that students can gain professional experience which is highly appreciated by employers. We train them, develop their skills and offer undergoing high quality remunerated trainings in the best companies and institution”  – explains Miss Aleksandra Bigas, Coordinator of Paid Internship Project. 
Your friends have already started their internships and training
“Internships offered by our university is a very good initiative. They help me to practice skills which I learn during my lectures and also to use the logistics-related knowledge. The internship, which I am undergoing now, is also a good start for the labour market” – says Anita Wośko, a student of Logistics at UITM and the project participant. 
“The remunerated traineeship gives me a chance to get new experience that is required in my  professional career. Working  in such a place is new and interesting for me. I am satisfied with the fact that I’m completing the training in this place “– explains Patrycja Kozioł, a student of Management at UITM and the project participant. 
How does it work?
The internship programme is supervised by both the university and the company.  Each student receives a monthly scholarship in the amount of 2300 PLN net. The internship can last even for 6 months. What is more, you can also start writing your thesis based on experience and knowledge gained during your internship.
How to apply?
The recruitment process is very simple. At first, you should submit your application to the Career Office at UITM. Then you need to wait for an interview with your Dean. 
Some more opportunities… 
The above mentioned programme is not the only one meant for students’ professional development;  the university has implemented a few more, i.a.
“The Career Logistics” – Aviation Management students (English language studies) can develop their skills related to airline industry. They have a chance to receive IATA certificates, to take part in field trips to the biggest European airports and take part in workshops held by experts in the field. 
“Career Start. General Aviation – International Study” – the youth from Poland and abroad have the opportunity to study General Aviation (in English language) at bachelor’s level – the only specialization of this kind in Poland and in central-eastern Europe.
“ABK Career” –  students of all specializations can develop their skills in building up career, taking first steps in it, setting up one’s own business with the support of career counsellor and entrepreneurship advisor, as well as taking part in workshops.
„Stay in Touch” – students of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production have a chance to take part in two editions of International Summer School organized in Greece and Spain. They will be taught by designers – practitioners.