Economics, digital marketing, aviation management and computer games are the e-learning courses currently offered by UITM.

The UITM E-learning section has made them available on the platform operated by the Ministry of Education and Science. In the previous edition, UITM courses were used by over 2,000 registered users and 789 certificates were issued.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) are e-learning courses open to an unlimited number of participants, available through the website. Until recently, this type of course was only available in English. Last year, the Ministry of Education and Science launched the NAVOICA platform, where universities and educational institutions can offer e-learning courses.

Thanks to the Navoica internet platform, everyone who wants to learn – regardless of age and place of residence, can expand their knowledge. All on-line courses are free of charge and the only thing you need to do is log in to participate. The University of Information Technology and Management has joined the group of universities by launching courses in the areas in which it specializes. After completing the course and meeting the credit conditions, course participants receive a free certificate signed by our university – says Dr. Joanna Wójcik, Head of the E-learning Section.

So far, the courses offered by the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów have been used by people from: Argentina, Austria, Belarus, China, Ghana, the Netherlands, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, East Timor, Ukraine, Hungary and Zimbabwe. The youngest student was 10 years old (of course in the Computer Game Design course) and the oldest 65.

E-learning courses currently offered by UITM include:

  • Introduction to Civil Aviation Management and Aviation Policy (English version) and Introduction to civil aviation management and aviation policy – addressed to people interested in the subject of civil aviation management and open to the idea of ​​lifelong learning.
  • Economics of managers (in Polish)- aimed at students, entrepreneurs and people who are currently or want to be managers in the future.
  • Computer Game Design and Development  (in Polish) – the recipients of the course are mainly students of faculties and specializations potentially related to the gaming industry, such as: computer science, computer graphics, computer game engineering, as well as everyone interested in this subject.

To use the prepared content, you need to register on the Navoica platform, and then go to the selected course. Currently, the courses are intended for self-study, but will also be supported by university staff. All courses will be available for the next 24 months until 2023.

In addition, UITM also offers a course in English, designed for people (considering studying in Poland) who want to gain the knowledge necessary to understand intercultural interactions: Get ready to study abroad – Introduction to Intercultural Communication.