3 983 km or 39 hours – that is the distance between Poland and Morocco. But still, we have a lot in common and many things to offer each other. We decided to talk with our Moroccan students about their first day at UITM, impressions about Poland and, of course, plans about their future. 

Adam, Yassir, Oussama, Adane and Ahmed are UITM students from Morroco. All of them were looking for better education and as a result a better opportunity in the labour market. It is very common willing of young people, but there is another question – why Poland and UITM? Let’s ask them. 

– I did some research on where I can pursue my passion for IT and finally, I  found UITM – Yassir shared his story. – The course was very attractive and showed a lot of benefits which made my decision very easy. Ahmen also shared his opinion and agreed, that UITM does offer the opportunity to study Aviation at a much lower price compared to other regions. – Additionally, Rzeszow is a great environment to live in and is a very student-oriented place.

But not only researches and UITM advantages were the main reason, why they came to Rzeszów. –  I was advised by a family member to come to Poland – said Oussama, – specifically UITM, as I’ve been there before. I made my choice from this, accompanied by the low cost of living and as previously mentioned – the high quality of education. But I also have to mention the international atmosphere of the university and the opportunity to meet people from all across the world. 

– Yes, that is why I don’t regret my decision to come to UITM, as the university offers a multicultural background which helps me to feel comfortable and like I’m home. And it is very important for foreign students – added Adam. 

Adnane recalls his first day very precisely: – I remember I’ve noticed how diverse and different people were there, compared to Morocco. And it was so exciting. I had my friend Mohammed, who helped me get around and took me to the International Office, where I solved all the formalities. It was really great feeling to understand that I am finally a UITM student now, and there will be a lot of opportunities and challenges in front of me. 

It is their first year at UITM, but they are ready to study hard and face all the callings:

Adam: I chose IT and Programming as it lets me find a job anywhere in the world I want. Currently, I’m thinking on a year by year basis and taking it one step at a time. I am focusing on my studies to help me graduate and have a good prospect for employment, especially in the rapidly growing industries in Poland.

Yassir: I’m also taking it year by year, but I know what my future holds. As I mentioned before I did research on the university and my course, so I know that I will be able to have a great professional career anywhere I wish to go.

Oussama: UITM gave me the chance for an international diploma which will let me work anywhere I wish. This is a great opportunity as you can’t get this kind of opportunity in Morocco, but as my friends have stated I just need to think about my studies first. 

Adnane: Coming to Rzeszow was very spontaneous, but like ‘every Morrocan child dreams’ – to expanding out and see the world. I’m already realizing this dream and hope to continue to grow professionally in Europe.

Ahmed: The UITM international diploma will allow me to go back to Morocco and earn a higher position, as it is a degree many locals will not possess and I will come back with a bigger scope of knowledge. I am sure that thanks to UITM I will be a young highly qualified professional for the growing English-speaking industry of Morocco.

You can meet the UITM representatives in Morocco this week! 

When: Friday-Saturday, 9:30 am – 7 pm

Where: Hotel Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses, BP 450 Souissi Quartier Aviation Souissi, RABAT