Thematic workshops and a meeting with YouTuber Paweł Grabias at the Open Day of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

During the UITM Open Day, you will learn, among others, what Chat GPT will not write for you and how to manage data security in cyberspace. In addition, every willing person will be able to create their own cosmetic and learn the basics of photography.

The special guest of the event will be Paweł Grabias – a well-known YouTuber, creator of the popular Rock Your English channel. We invite you on May 28, 2024, to the UITM campus in Kielnarowa.

During the event, lecturers, and students of UITM will provide detailed information on the courses, specialties, study program, scholarships, and additional offers: scientific circles, student self-government activities, internships, and many other topics.


> What will Chat GPT not write for you?

> Discover the third dimension: from photo to 3D model – photogrammetry workshop

> Is it burning in your stomach or in your head? The role of the brain in appetite control – a workshop combined with a health quiz

> How the fashion industry is changing the world

> Learn the stages of proper facial skin care

> Social media chic. Creative selfie

> The world at your doorstep: multiculturalism in university life

> Data security management in cyberspace


> Artificial intelligence in the classroom: useful tools for teachers

> A student as an object and perpetrator of peer hate

For our guests we have also prepared:

Career and development zone – you will determine your professional predispositions, meet with a psychologist, and career advisor, get to know the offer of the Career Office

Science zone – you will get to know the offer of scientific circles, you will use VR goggles, truck driving simulator, you will learn about the flight radar

Health and Sustainability Zone – you will receive dietary advice, sustainable fashion and the basics of makeup and care

ATTRACTION zone – you will see the show of the European Champion WKSF Kettlebell Sport, you will use the shooting range, accuracy goal and take part in sports competitions

ENTERTAINMENT AND CHILLOUT zone – dance workshops are waiting for you: salsa, bachata, African dances

SNACKS zone – grilled dishes: traditional and vegetarian, drinks

A lottery – to win sports gadgets, tickets/discounts to the cinema, bowling alley, gym, go-karts, etc.

The special event will be a meeting with Rafał Grabias, the creator of the popular Rock Your English channel on YouTube. The Rock Your English channel dedicated to English grammar has about 500 thousand subscribers, and his Instagram profile is followed by almost 100,000 people!