All students starting their education at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów this year are invited to take part in organizational meetings.

During those meetings we will have the Matriculation – a ceremony during which new students will be officially included in the UITM academic community.

The meetings will be conducted by Deans and tutors of selected Colleges. During the ceremony, new students will also be welcomed by the University Governance, Student Council and older colleagues. In addition, they will take the oath – a very important moment in the life of every student.

This year’s Immatriculation will be carried out separately for each field of study. During the meeting new students will learn, among others what is the organization of studies and where to go with important for them issues. They will also get to know their tutors of lecture groups – people who will support them in all matters related to the implementation of education.

We encourage our students to use every hour spent within the walls of UITM effectively. We hope that the period of studies will be a time of reliable learning, student cooperation and extraordinary achievements.

We invite you to participate in organizational meetings and get acquainted with the detailed schedule.