Twenty of the best students from Belarus will be able to take advantage of the scholarship program “School of Leaders for Democracy”. The program is addressed to applicants of the first year of studies and senior students relegated from Belarusian universities for participating in democratic demonstrations in their country.

“School of Leaders for Democracy” (SoL-D) is a special module of the School of Leaders (SoL), which is a program operated by the UITM. Due to the current situation in Belarus, the UITM leadership, as an expression of solidarity with the Belarusian society, decided to launch the “School of Leaders for Democracy” program. The new module is intended for students who want to study in Poland, and at the same time are interested in developing their knowledge and competences regarding the creation and functioning of a democratic society. The aim of the program is to support the most talented students of Belarusian nationality, stimulate their development and shape leadership and civic attitudes.

“We observe the situation in Belarus with concern, especially as we have students from that country. We contacted them to help them in some way. We try our own – very practical – way to reach these necessitous people, our students’ families. We decided that it is worth doing more than just educating the students who will come to us from Belarus. We invented, developed and implemented a special scholarship system called “School of Leaders for Democracy”. This is educating leaders for democracy. This is a program dedicated to students from Belarus, ”says Dr. hab. Andrzej Rozmus, prof. UITM, UITM Vice-Rector for Teaching

The “School of Leaders for Democracy” module may cover the best 20 students of Belarusian nationality, recruited in the 2020/2021 academic year. The selection committee will select the scholarship holders on the basis of the submitted applications and the results of the matriculation exams (in the case of students recruited for the first semester of first-cycle studies or uniform master’s studies), the average grade for the last semester of study (in the case of students recruited for the higher semesters of the first or second cycle studies, or uniform master’s studies) or the average for first-cycle studies (in the case of students recruited for the first semester of second-cycle studies). Students belonging to the “School of Leaders for Democracy” will receive a semester scholarship in the amount of 100% or 50% of the tuition fee, which after meeting certain requirements may be extended even until the end of the education period.

In the event of high interest, the University may increase the number of scholarships awarded!

Currently there are eleven students from Belarus studying at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, these are students of the following faculties: Journalism and Social Communication, Physiotherapy, Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production, Cosmetology, Psychology in Management, Management and Logistics.

Recruitment to the School of Leaders for Democracy program will last until November 10, 2020. Application documents must be submitted to the Student Benefits Section. Details can be found here.