School of Leaders (SoL) is a scholarship program at University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. Its main goal is to support the most talented students in their scientific development and shaping leadership attitude and skills.

Why is it worth studying at University of Information Technology and Management and participate in School of Leaders? 

Zviko Chirume from Zimbabwe, the 2nd year student of General Aviation faculty, has answered this question in his short video dedicated to SoL.

From the inception of the program, over 69 applications have been received and only a handful of them made it through the rigorous selection process. As of the last year, 27 students were part of this elite group.

  • Winter semester 2019/20 – 20 students (17 Poles, 3 foreigners – 4 nationalities: Poland, Ukraine, India, Zimbabwe), including 15 past participants + 5 new;
  • Summer semester 2019/20 – 27 students (24 Poles, 3 foreigners – 4 nationalities: Poland, Ukraine, India, Zimbabwe), including 20 past participants + 7 new.

Students like Zviko, who join the School from Leaders program will have the opportunity to:

  • Use the individual care of a research worker (tutor), supporting the development of interests and competences,
  • Get free participation in elite specialized workshops,
  • Participate in projects and researches carried out by the University units,
  • Get free consultations with specialists of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UITM regarding the establishment of your own company,
  • Get the support of the UITM Career Office in the field of career planning.

Additionally, participants of School of Leaders will receive offers for internship in UITM units.

Qualification for the School of Leaders takes place on the basis of applications for the UITM Rector’s Scholarship. Students qualified for the highest scholarship level, regardless of their nationality, field of study and year of study, or form of education, will be invited to participate in this elite program. The only condition will then be to provide the Scholarship Department with a written declaration of participation along with the candidate’s CV.

The program is co-financed by Santander Universidades – one of the key social involvement projects of Santander Bank Polska and the Santander Group, which supports the development of students from almost 1,000 universities around the world.