Student of the Year- the 17th edition of the plebiscite has started!

For the seventeenth time, students, lecturers and representatives of the local community will be able to choose (in 6 categories) the most active student of 2021.

As always, this plebiscite is addressed to students of all faculties, forms and levels of education.

The “Student of the Year” plebiscite is organized by the Student Council. The aim of the plebiscite is to promote and reward the most active students. Candidates may be enrolled by lecturers, university staff, leaders of groups or even other students.
There are six categories:

Category I: A sympathizer of UITM

Nominated to this category are students who support UITM in promotional activities. Additionally, those people work  for the university, take part in promotional campaigns, are involved in creating projects for the university, etc.

Category II: A Leader

Students who bring new initiatives to life and successfully implement them are nominated to this category. People who can gather others around a new venture. Students who can motivate others to act, lead them and achieve a success. Passionates and “enthusiasts” distinguished by their creativity, able to infect other students with their passion.

Category III: An Artist

Nominated to this category are students who show creativity in one of the areas of art: dance, music, theater, film, photography, fine arts, fashion, etc.

Category IV: An Athlete

Students with sports achievements are nominated to this category. People who actively play sports, belong to sports organizations, are winners of sports competitions.

Category V: Social worker

Students who help others are nominated to this category. People participating in various types of volunteering, supporting people who need help.

Category VI: A Scientist

Students who have achievements in the field of science are nominated to this category. Young people who conduct their own scientific research, publish, popularize science, organize and participate in conferences and congresses, as well as participate in the implementation of research projects.

The winners of the competition will be announced during the Inauguration of the Academic Year 2021/2022.

The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2021. All applications should be sent to the Student Council:

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