UITM invites students who are forced to leave Ukraine to study in Poland, both students with Ukrainian citizenship and foreigners that were studying in this country.

University of Information Technology and Management offers wide range of programmes in Polish language, as well as in English, for students who had to leave the territory of Ukraine.

The university provides:

– Recognition of previous training periods: each case will be considered individually and the process will be flexible and as simple as possible.

– Accommodation and assistance in the organization of everyday life and formalities related to the stay.

– Assistance in finding internships and jobs as well as contact with employers: the largest number of offers immediately available in the field of IT in the field of logistics and computer graphics.

– Polish language courses.

– Material assistance, social scholarships and discount in tuition fees.

Studies in Poland

Every citizen of Ukraine who wants to continue their current studies at UITM or start studies in summer semester 2022 has the option of free studies during this semester, the cost of the studies will be covered by our university.  Free studies apply to those citizens of Ukraine who legally entered the territory of Poland directly from the territory of Ukraine in the period from February 24, 2022 and successfully completed the recruitment process.

Our university is constantly monitoring all the possibilities of obtaining funding from European funds and non-governmental organizations, which would be directed to students from Ukraine, forced to leave their country after February 24 and interrupt their studies. If possible, the offer for free studies at UITM will be extended.

UITM offers studies is English or in Polish:

– Programming ENG

– Nursing ENG

– International Business Management ENG

– Computer Graphics PL

– Management PL

– Cosmetology PL

– Physiotherapy PL

– Management PL

– Programming PL

– English Philology PL

– Logistics PL

In addition, UITM offers the possibility of employing Ukrainian scientists and academic teachers. We are looking for experts in the field of computer science and mathematics, as well as programmers and computer graphic designers. All detailed information and assistance in completing the documents can be obtained directly from the Recruitment Department at UITM.

University of Information Technology and Management

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