Hundreds of stories make up the history of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. In connection with the jubilee of the 25th anniversary of UITM, we invite you to create with us the electronic album „We are UITM  – Tell us your story”.

The 25th anniversary of UITM is a reason to be proud! The aim of the initiative „We are UITM  – Tell us your story” is to collect memories related to work, studies and time spent within the walls of the University. Therefore, we encourage you to tell, among others:

  • What emotions do you recall from your student years?
  • Why did you decide to study / work at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów?
  • Which activities and why do you have the most pleasant memories?
  • What situations from the academic life do you recall with a smile on your face?
  • Which lecturers or supervisors are most memorable and why?
  • What experiences, knowledge and skills gained at UITM had the greatest impact on your professional life?
  • What is your experience of working with the University?
  • What anecdote would you like to share with us?

We invite the academic staff, administration employees, students and graduates, friends, associates and partners of our University to send their own stories, stories and anecdotes – in text or video version. Detailed information on the preparation of the recording is available HERE. Please send the recording or text and the current photo to the e-mail address:

For the people who send us the most interesting archival materials, we will drawn books from the UITM publishing house- CCPRESS or UITM’s gadgets. The 5 authors of the best materials will receive an invitation (together with an accompanying person) to participate the official Gala to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our University.