On November 22nd in the IQ Club, the 13th Open Day of Scientific Circles and Student Organizations took place. The coordinators of this event were the Science Department and Aleksandra Sagatowska; Chairwoman of the Council of Scientific Circles.

The organization of the Open Day aims to show what scientific circles have to offer and encourage students to develop their passions, interests and to engage in various forms of student activities. Students from 18 different scientific clubs and student organizations operating at UITM were participating and presented their activities.

Open Day of Scientific Circles is a tradition of UITM and I am pleased to observe how this event is becoming more and more popular every year. I am happy that this year I met a lot of students just starting their studies who were interested in active participation in the life of the University – comments Dr Agata Gemzik-Salwach, Dean of the College of Management.

The organization of the Open Day was similar to previous years; each scientific club or organization had its own stand at which representatives answered questions of people interested in activities. In addition, visitors could take part in competitions and quizzes where they could win UITM gadgets and prizes from sponsors.

Open Day of Scientific Circles was a great opportunity for students to learn about the non-didactic offer of the University. Nowadays, studying alone is not enough; activity in the scientific club is a good complement to the knowledge gained. I hope that every student has found something for themselves from such a wide offer of the UITM scientific clubs – said Dr. Izabela Cichocka, Vice-Dean of the College of Management for Economics and Management (English-language paths).

Among the attractions that piqued the great interest of visitors were; professional photo sessions, board and logic games, students in colourful national costumes, simulation games, Xbox, glasses for virtual reality, consultations on financial and economic matters, body massages, professional makeup, and medical and cosmetic consultations.

Another successive year the Open Day of Scientific Circles and Student Organizations enjoyed great interest from students who came to the IQ Club in crowds to familiarize themselves with the activities of the Scientific Circles and Student Organizations. The students were heavily engaged and excitement was in the air. Representatives of the Scientific Clubs and Student Organizations did a lot to present themselves with dignity and show ordinary students what they do, just to interest them – said Dr Jacek Rodzinka from the Institute of Financial Research and Analysis, tutor of the FLOW Scientific Association.

– During the event, students could participate in many competitions and quizzes awarded with small gifts, for example; prepare their own shower gel, take part in a photo session or even experience a massage. The success point of Open Day this year was a considerable number of foreign students who also decided to visit the IQ Club due to several English-language clubs participating. From my point of view as Chairwoman of the Scientific Councils, this is great progress in the integration of students, and my goal is that this integration would satisfy and benefit both parties; Polish-speaking and English speaking – sums up Aleksandra Sagatowska, Chairwoman of the Council Scientific UITM and also the main organizer of this event.

As per tradition, a survey was also conducted in which participants of the Open Day could vote for the most attractive stand. This year, the Scientific Circle of Photography named after Gustav Metzger, supervised by Dominika Piętak, commented on this distinction:

– First of all, as a Circle, we would like to thank you for all votes cast for us. I think this victory is the result of great relationships that connect group members. We focus on community and collective action. The strength lies in group action, which not only brings real effects, but also provides a great satisfaction.

The main prize in the competition for the most attractively organized stand (PLN 300) was funded by the Foundation for Science – Talents.

The next places were taken by English Club, Scientific Circle of Aesthetic Cosmetology, Scientific Circle of Graphic Design, SECOND DIMENSION and the Scientific Circle of Multimedia and Computer Games xDev.