International students compete in the “What? Where? When?” trivia competition.

The IQ club organized the event to provide students with an enjoyable and engaging platform to showcase their abilities and knowledge.

The first event of the Melting Post Festival was held at IQ Club, where international students compete in a trivia contest. The competition was fierce, as the teams battled for prizes and bragging rights.

The questions in the trivia contest covered a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and general knowledge. The contest was not only about speed and accuracy but also teamwork. Questions were read out loud and also projected onto screens for the audience to see. Each team had only 60 seconds to answer the questions accurately, and the points awarded depended on the accuracy of the answer.

There were 22 teams and the competition consisted of three rounds, with eight questions for each round. After each round, snacks were served as a welcome respite from the intense competition and gave the teams a chance to recharge and regroup. During that time, the judges announced the points, and the teams with the lowest points were eliminated. The final round was the most intense, with the remaining teams battling it out for the top spot. In the end, only three teams remained, and they were declared the winners of the trivia competition.

All in all, the first event of the Melting Post Festival was a huge success, with students showcasing their knowledge and skills in a fun and exciting way. The event was not only a platform for students to demonstrate their intellect but also an opportunity to make new friends and create lasting memories.