In 2019, PLN 11.1 billion of subsidies distributed by MSHE in order to maintain research and teaching potential went to public university colleges, PLN 663 million to public vocational schools, PLN 688 million to the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, PLN 585.3 million to research institutes. Also academic private universities received funds for maintaining research potential, which in the last scientific assessment in 2017 received the A +, A and B categories. 8.75 million went to them.

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow received almost PLN 1 million and was in the lead of non-public universities with the highest subsidy – only two Warsaw universities preceded us – SWPS University and Kozmiński University.

One of the highest subsidies among non-public universities is a natural result of the consistent policy of building up the scientific capacity of UITM and confirms – much better than the rankings prepared by commercial companies – the position of our university against other academic units in the country. The funds from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are allocated for the support of team projects contributing to the strengthening of scientific achievements, including its internationalization, in the areas of science also relevant from the perspective of the teaching process – also the UITM students become indirect beneficiaries of the scientific subsidy.

Prof. Agata Jurkowska – Gomułka, Ph.D, Vice – Rector for Research