In October 2020, all lectures and seminars will be held remotely, while recitation classes and laboratories will be conducted in the traditional way – it is the decision of the UITM Leadership body.

“The decision on hybrid studying comes from the concern for the safety of students and lecturers” – informs in a message sent to the academic community by the Rector of the University Dr Wergiliusz Gołąbek. The Rector also points out that it is still unknown in what direction the epidemiological situation will develop in both Poland and the world.

In a letter to the UITM employees, Dr Wergilusz Gołąbek thanks them for their commitment so far and emphasizes that the University dealt with the crisis very well: “The responses that we received from students were unambiguous – they appreciate the University’s effort and the quality of the online classes. It can be concluded, giving up false modesty, that we are one of the few universities in Poland that conducted didactic classes in a very professional way even during the pandemic time. Thank you again for that.”

Online classes at UITM began three days after the announcement by the Government of the Republic of Poland of the need to suspend traditional didactic classes at universities due to the risk of coronavirus spreading. By the end of the academic year, over 90 percent of the classes were conducted online in synchronous mode, and thanks to the Blackboard platform, students had contact with their lecturers in real-time.

Most of the classes were conducted from lecturers’ homes, while students used their tablets or smartphones. Exams and thesis defenses were also held online, almost 400 of them were carried out in the winter semester. Part of the classes and labs returned as usual on June 20, 2020. Selected classes at 4 fields of study were held at the campus of the university in Kielnarowa: Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Cosmetology, Computer graphics and Multimedia Production. In our second campus, at Sucharskiego str., some classes were held as part of the Centre of Postgraduate Studies.

Information about online classes and exams is available HERE.