The poignant, lyrical voice and romantic melodies of a one man band – this is the musical power of Karolina Bzdyra & Krzysztof Demidowski duo.

Karolina studies dietetics at UITM in Rzeszów. She has won many vocal competitions, an artist courageously walking her own way. Krzysztof, a multiinstrumentalist, who has accompanied Karolina for a year now. Their journey is  a very pleasant and moving one through the microcosm of poetic words and notes. Krzysztof  studies mechatronics at the Rzeszów University of Technology. He used to play in rock bands and thanks to various musical experiences he feels well  playing different tunes without avoiding the aesthetic intermingling in his compositions. Thanks to his ability of playing  many instruments and the use of a looper, he fills the stage with sounds, that in combination with Karolina’s voice, create very interesting music.

The duo unquestionably won the last edition of the international competition ‘UITM HAS GOT A TALENT’ organized by the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

On 2nd April Karolina and Krzysztof perform at the IQ club their own songs from Kraina Łagodności  (the Land of Gentleness ) album.

Karolina Bzdyra, Krzysztof Demidowski – concert

2nd April 2019 (Tuesday), at 19:00, IQ Club (Sucharskiego 2); Free entrance



Rock combined with students’ energy – a concert by AnotheR group at IQ Club.

The group was established in November 2018. Young people  – UITM students –  who used to play in different bands joined together to share their common passion for music.

The Polish-Ukrainian rock collective is a fast developing new band:  Anna Baiol (lead singer), Dawid Zozulia (guitars), Paulina Grubman (guitars) and Wojtek Szwed (drums).

4th  April 2019 (Thursday), at 19:00, IQ Club (Sucharskiego 2); Free entrance