This year’s edition of the U-Multirank ranking confirmed the high position of UITM among Polish universities.

The highest marks, i.e. A – very good, were obtained in 9 subcategories. The best Polish universities have only two more A  marks in this ranking.

1948 universities from 97 countries participated in the current edition of the „U-Multirank” ranking. Poland was represented by a total of 40 universities. Among Polish universities, there are others apart from UITM, such as the University of Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University, and the University of Gdańsk. The ranking also recorded the results of famous foreign universities such as Harvard University, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

The University of Information Technology and Management based in Rzeszów received the highest marks in the following subcategories:

  • Art related output
  • Interdisciplinary publications
  • Post-doc positions
  • Professional publications aimed at specialists in a given field (Professional publications)
  • Open publications – i.e. those that are available for download without the need to purchase a given publication (Open Access Publications)
  • Income from private sources – excluding student tuition fees, government grants and grants from non-profit institutions (Income from private sources)
  • Spin offs – forms resulting from the transfer of university knowledge (spin-offs)
  • Income from continuous professional development: postgraduate studies and training (Income from continuous professional development)
  • Percentage of international academic staff.

The universities with the highest number of A grades (very good) are: Warsaw School of Economics (11), SWPS University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Warsaw (11) and the Medical University of Warsaw (10). The next place is taken by the University of Information Technology and Management based in Rzeszów, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and the Jagiellonian University with 9 grades in category A.

The University of Information Technology and Management has been part of the global university ranking project called „U-Multirank” since 2014, that is, since its inception. The results obtained by UITM in the „U-Multirank” ranking clearly confirm that the University is not only one of the best non-public universities in Poland, but also an important business partner for many companies in Poland and abroad. The high and stable grades obtained  achieves are not accidental, but the result of hard work and ambitious strategy” – claims Justyna Berniak-Woźny, PhD- Presidential Representative for Internationalization of the University.

„U-Multirank” is an independent ranking prepared under the Erasmus + program of the European Commission by a consortium led by the Center for Higher Education (CHE) in Germany, the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) at the University of Twente and the Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) ) Of Leiden University in the Netherlands. This first global multi-criteria ranking gives a multidimensional picture of the functioning of universities by assessing them in five different areas: education and learning, research, international orientation, regional commitment and knowledge transfer. U-Multirank uses 39 different indicators for this purpose, by means of which universities are assessed and compared in various areas and fields of activity, on the basis of a 5-point scale: 1 / A – very good grade; 2 / B – good grade; 3 / C – average grade; 4 / D – below average grade; 5 / E – low grade. In this way, U-Multirank gives a full picture of the strengths of each ranked university.

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