On June 25th-29th, Our university was represented at the 2019 Central European Summer School in Budapest, Hungary by Natalia Filimoniuk, Junior Specialist at the International Recruitment and Collaboration Office. The topic of the school was – Internationalization at Home: Challenges and Opportunities.

Internationalization at Home has been viewed by many European universities as a solution for providing students with the global competencies required from professionals working in an international and interconnected society. So it was definitely useful to share our own experiences and to discuss the experiences of other Universities.

Due to the topic’s current importance, there were numerous workshops addressing the issue of IaH during the summer school. Participants found out the challenges and were looking for opportunities brought about by the internationalization of universities.

This summer course has given the advanced knowledge regarding IaH policies, most recent strategies and practices at international, national and institutional levels and will help us to identify practices and policies suitable for our University.

“Looking back at the intensive five days that I spent at CEU, I can be sure that the knowledge and experience from summer school were really interesting and valuable – shared Natalia Filimoniuk. – And I hope, after more discussion at UITM, it will be implemented into our everyday life of international students.”