Vadym Melnyk, our former of bachelor degree studies in Information Technology and founder of Cervi Robotics, a B2B company of hardware production, focused on Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Internet of Things, is on the list of Forbes 25 under 25.

For me, Forbes 25 under 25 was a very good test of how I look to the competition. I was curious about how I look compared to my peers. In total, 1500 people from Poland were analyzed and I am very pleased that I am among the 25 best and in the top 5 in the Business category. Honestly, I have never set any goals to get acknowledged by Forbes and tried to be motivated by other things. But without a doubt, it’s a great pleasure and a kind of reliable proof for many of the clients I work with.

I don’t have any secret of success, but I have some understanding of how to achieve it. First, success cannot be achieved overnight. The worst kind of success is one that you cannot repeat. It’s like people who inherit a large sum of money or win the lottery – statistically, they lose everything and find themselves in an even worse situation than they were original. And so in business, if someone managed to sell their startup quickly or close the round without fully understanding how it worked, they will not do it again. I am very happy that everything was built from scratch and I have the knowledge of how every step should look like. Also, success in any sphere of life is not a sprint, it is a systematic movement to the goal in small steps every day. It is better to take a small step to the goal every day than to procrastinate a month, and then on the last night to make something for the previous 30 days, although sometimes it happens. 

To sum up, as my good friend from the US often repeated: the world belongs to those who show up. I try to follow this and build a buzz around what we do and what values we build.

Forbes 25 Under 25 is a list published by the Polish magazine “Forbes”, distinguishing 25 influential and outstanding persons under 25 years old in 5 categories: “Business”, “New Technologies”, “Social Activity”, “Science” and “Supporting Diversity”.