The latest Ranking of Non-Public Master Degree Universities PERSPEKTYWY 2018 confirms that UITM continues to be the best private university in southern-east Poland, as well as all eastern part of Poland. The university moved up the ranking in several categories and sub-categories.

Compared with last year’s results, the UITM has recorded an increase in the following categories: prestige, internationalization, innovation, as well as in several subcategories, such as: parametric evaluation of the scientific research, faculty’s development, and conducting master degree studies.

Thanks to the authorisation of conferring the academic degree of “doktor” ( Eng. doctor), UITM was ranked in the “Ranking of Academic HEIs 2018” for the third time. The university was classified as the only non-public university in Podkarpackie province.


Nearly 2,000 foreigners from 37 countries currently study at UITM. Several hundred people study in  the English language. The chapter of the ranking once again appreciated the multiculturalism of the academic community and, ultimately, the university took the first place among universities from outside Warsaw ( 5th place in the general classification together with the Warsaw University of Technology). This is particularly important in the context of employers’ needs for people who are able to work in multicultural environment. What’s more, in the subcategory of “study programs in foreign languages”, UITM is in the forefront of the master degree universities (3rd place).


In this category, UITM recorded a jump by three positions, finally taking  14th place among all Polish universities which took part in the ranking. A characteristic feature of this category is the fact that the evaluators are representatives of the academic staff of Polish universities. The promotion is the result of a consistently implemented strategy of development and pro-quality policy, as well as the adopted model of conducting scientific research, both in the area of ​​social sciences, as well as in the exact sciences, natural sciences and medicine.


In this category, the UITM was appreciated for the effectiveness of acquiring external financial resources for research. The university took second place, second only to the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. The UITM has been growing in this area for several years. We are pleased that in the subcategory of obtaining EU funds, the university took 7th place. The ability to raise funds from the EU translates into the quality and attractiveness of the educational offer. Only in the last academic year, the University raised 7 million PLN for paid internships enabling students to gain practical skills while at university.


The consistent development of the UITM scientific activity is confirmed by the increase in ranking indicators in the sub-category of parametric assessment. When it comes to the number of quotations, the position of UITM is higher than Catholic University of Lublin, SGH Warsaw School of Economics or Wrocław University of Economics’.

The University of Information Technology and Management also noted a significant increase (21 ranking places ) in the category of “taught master’s courses”, which fact proves that the university’s master studies’ offer meets expectations of the labour market.

Ranking methodology

In this year’s ranking, a large emphasis has been placed on the “Employers’ preferences” category.  The UITM ranked 15th among non-public universities. This category had a significant impact on the final results of the ranking, unfortunately to the disadvantage of our university, since a large number of significant employers are based  in the capital city. In consequence, UITM, the University of Rzeszow and Rzeszow University of Technology’s  ranking places dropped in the general classification. This year’s algorithm also weakened the importance of the ‘scientific research’ category in which we have always held a strong position.

European Commission Ranking

We would like to point out, that UITM takes part in U-Multirank, a prestigious ranking of EU universities, which is conducted by European experts. The ranking is of significant importance to university candidates who wish to compare universities from around Europe. The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has been participating in the ranking from its beginning, taking high ranking places. According to the last edition of U-Multirank, UITM belongs to Poland’s top universities, both public and non-public.