Today, the Rector of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, his Magnificance Wergilusz Gołąbek signed an Agreement with S&P Consultancy, represented by Lovemore Shana and Przemysław Pizon.

This agreement officially confirms, that as of this academic year UITM will be educating future nurses. The October intake is still open and the February intake will open in a few weeks’ time.

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The 3-year Bachelor Degree programmes with the language of instruction being English, have spurred a lot of interests in many countries, especially in Zimbabwe, Nigeria as well as South Africa, Ghana and Pakistan. In addition, there are candidates from Belgium, Indonesia and Kenya willing to continue their education in the field of nursing.

Lovemore Shana, from S&P Consultancy is very optimistic about the plans to make Nursing the most popular programme offered by UITM in English.

“The increased gap between the supply and demand of nurses has triggered a global problem. According to the World Health Organization, there is a shortage of 7.2 million healthcare workers with regard to health needs, so by getting a diploma in nursing, you are choosing not only a rewarding career but also job security for life.”

Furthermore, Mr. Shana and Mr. Pizon have visited the labs and classrooms on the campus in Kielnarowa where nurses will be receiving their training.

“I am very impressed to say the least. This is an American- style campus, beautifully located with all the facilities, including sport and food, that every student will appreciate. The University also offered to accommodate Nursing students on campus in the two large houses that serve as dormitories.”

Magdalena Louis, Presidential Representative for International Collaboration, who was also present during the signing of the agreement, confirms that UITM is ready to receive a large number of students wanting to study in English. “Nursing is our  priority as this is a new programme, however we also would like to see more people from Zimbabwe and other African countries coming here to study our unique  subject – Aviation Management, or our most popular programmes International Business Management, Cybersecurity and Programming. With an international student community of nearly 1500 people from over 50 countries, it is safe to say that we are not only experienced, but also well prepared.”

The recruitment window is still open and will last until the end of October 2021. An additional intake is planned to commence in February of 2022.

Please contact Mr. Lovemore Shana to get started on your recruitment process now.
Contact number: +48697087051