Michał Adamczyk, a first-year student of Graphic Design and Multimedia Production, won the first prize in the Postcard Design Competition for the Stanisław Lem Year 2021. The competition was organized by the Polish Institute in Vienna.

The winning work was created as part of the classes at the Design Techniques and Transmission Techniques Studio under the supervision of Ph.D. Krzysztof Groń. It was a great challenge for Michał Adamczyk, but also a pleasure “As a lover of Stanisław Lem’s work and science fiction in general, I was delighted with the subject of the competition. An image appeared in my head and I tried to recreate in the form of graphics. I have made many attempts, but thanks to supervision of Ph.D. Krzysztof Groń and the tips of my colleague and mentor in the field of graphics – Michał Jeżowski, I was able to combine all my ideas. The final version of the postcard for the competition is of course the result of my time and work, but also of the learning and support I got from them. I decided to use in this graphic the first association about the cosmos, which Stanisław Lem was fascinated with and which he described in his books very often. If anyone asks about space, most people immediately think of contact with alien civilizations and space vehicles. I did not use a commonly known alien, but just this most classic image of a spaceship, also called a UFO. It turns out that this is what was appreciated by the competition jury. I am very pleased that I was appreciated and now I know that it is worth participating in competitions, because the feeling of joy that comes from being appreciated is worth the effort. And it is also worth appreciating the people who devote their time to teach us”

The jury of the competition was composed of:
Rafał Sobczak, MA (chairman of the Jury, director of the Polish Institute in Vienna),
Robert Huez (director of Literaturhaus Wien),
Ph.D. Brigitte Reutner-Doneus (head of the graphics department at Lentos Museum Linz),
Magdalena Blaszczuk (Academy of Fine Arts) in Vienna).

As we read in the jury’s announcement: All the projects were extremely inventive, which made the decision very difficult.