UITM students have been given the spotlight at the First Invitational International Students Poster Exhibition hosted by Fazili Art School in Iran. The Fazili Art School commemorated its tenth anniversary this year with the show, which ran from 12-31 May. The exhibition aims to build communication and international scientific and cultural interaction with other universities and art instruction. At this exceptional event, Dr. Patrycja Longawa had been invited to present the top 10 UITM students’ creative works.

Students from UITM were given the opportunity to display their creations at the International Design Week at the renowned Didar Isfahan Gallery in Iran thanks to Dr. Patrycja Longawa’s invitation. Eleven academics from several countries attended the exhibition’s vernissage, together with a select number of students. UITM proudly represented Poland alongside five other universities.

This event aims to bring Fazili Art School to the first International Student Poster Biennale in addition to promoting communication and global scientific and cultural exchanges. The intriguing poster for the event was made by renowned artist Professor Leszek Żebrowski.

The list of invited lecturers for the event showcased an impressive lineup of international talent, including Agnieszka Ziemiszewska (Poland), Byoung Il Sun (South Korea), Christopher Scott (Ecuador-USA), Chang Fang Pang (Taiwan), Leszek Żebrowski (Poland), Michał Jandura (Poland), Patrycja Longawa (Poland), Rikke Hansen (Denmark), Ryan Slone (USA), Wojciech Kolek (Poland), and Zbigniew Latała (Poland). Ghazal Hosseini and Baba Safari were entrusted with the exhibition’s curating, guaranteeing that visitors would have a seamless and interesting experience.

Talented UITM undergraduates and graduates proudly participated in the exhibition and displayed their outstanding works were:

  • Kinga Bysko – a graduate of UITM
  • Patrycja Głodek – student at UITM
  • Elżbieta Tomaszewska – a student at UITM
  • Edyta Musiał – student at UITM
  • Dominik Kamiński – student at UITM
  • Martyna Zajdel – a graduate of UITM
  • Justyna Patro – student of UITM
  • Michał Kielar – a graduate of UITM
  • Monika Stopyra – student of UITM
  • Sabina Popek – student of UITM

The artwork that these gifted people have displayed demonstrates the artistic quality that UITM fosters. Their creativity, skills, and commitment have left a lasting effect on the international art community.