Last Wednesday, the 10th of April, the SoL diplomas were given to the Leaders and the first meeting with Tutors took place.

The best first year students had been invited for interviews, during which they presented their profiles to the SoL Commission. Two days of auditions were followed with diverse personalities, a unique level of commitment, and a large dose of humor. Finally, 22 students were qualified for the program.

Dr K. Szocik, Ms S. Mazur, Dr M. Hoły-Łuczaj and Dr I. Leonowicz-Bukała will support young Leaders from the beginning of their path of higher education. This cooperation will be based on individual needs and adaptation of appropriate tools to them, that will ensure optimal development of each scholarship holder. On the other hand, business representatives will share their knowledge and experience with students during group meetings – this should help them to create an entrepreneurial spirit and develop leadership qualities.

“The School of Leaders programme is a very important project for our University. We provide the best students with free studies, additional workshops and tutor care, because our searching for talents, developing them and supporting in the future are in our DNA. We are aware that leaders in various areas of social or economic activity are simply inevitable. Leaders are needed to build a conscious and critical participation in social, political and/or scientific life. They are the foundation for the civil society development. I am convinced that this is a great investment not only for our University. Companies and organizations from UITM’s partnership are interested in this programme. I believe that these companies can also be beneficiaries of our idea. We want to cooperate closely with the best Polish and international enterprises in the implementation process of our project. Together, we can help young people discover their talents and use their leadership skills in practice.”

Rector A. Rozmus

Students qualified for the School of Leaders programme:

  1. Grygiel Irena (Poland), Management.
  2. Basara Ewa (Poland), Information Technologies.
  3. Znój Angelika (Poland), Cosmetology.
  4. Chirume Zvikomborero Anesu (Zimbabwe), General Aviation.
  5. Furgał Michał (Poland), Information Technologies.
  6. Buksa Sylwia (Poland), Journalism and Social Communication.
  7. Mazurak Paulina (Poland), Cosmetology.
  8. Pyziak Daria (Poland), Computer Graphics.
  9. Roman Mateusz (Poland), Logistics.
  10. Sagnayeva Zhanel (Kazakhstan), International Management.
  11. Guerer Patrycja (Poland), Aviation Management.
  12. Prendota Klaudia (Poland), Management.
  13. Mryczko Michał (Poland), Journalism and Social Comunnication.
  14. Kalandyk Jakub (Poland), General Aviation.
  15. Mantripragada Santosh Srinivas Kumar (India), International Management.
  16. Kusak Karolina (Poland), Psychology in Management.
  17. Czwałga Paulina (Poland), Computer Graphics.
  18. Kiełbowicz Magdalena (Poland), Journalism and Social Communication.
  19. Meretin Anastasiia (Ukraine), Aviation Management.
  20. Kołek Marcin (Poland), Information Technologies.
  21. Dosheva Maria Ivanova (Bulgaria), General Aviation.
  22. Partyka Gabriela (Poland), Logistics.