Students of the Financial Science Club “FLOW” operating at the Institute for Financial Research and Analysis at UITM conduct scientific research entitled “The idea of ​​sustainable development from the perspective of students”. In this way, they are preparing to participate in the next edition of the International Statistical Skills Competition.

A group of students from the FLOW Science Club passed the national qualifiers and got to the international stages. Therefore, “FLOW” members ask all students to complete a survey.

“The questionnaire is addressed to students from various universities in Poland and abroad, regardless of the field of study, degree and type of study. The main goal of the research is an attempt to verify students’ awareness of the idea of ​​sustainable development. The survey is anonymous, the information provided will be used only for scientific purposes, including their publication in the form of a scientific poster and scientific articles”– say students from FLOW Science Club

Why is the survey so important?

“We plan to collect the largest possible research sample, the more people take part in the research, the more accurate the results and the greater the chances of repeating the success of the previous year” – add students from FLOW Science Club.

It will take approximately 8 minutes to complete the form. The survey is active until October 30, 2020.

The survey in English is available HERE