We are pleased to inform you that prof. Andrzej Głowacki participates in the world’s largest Art Biennale, demonstrating his interactive clothes. The biennale lasts all of May.

The interactive T-shirt becomes a game for a smartphone, allowing players to “display” the game effect in real time. We can play Tic Tac Toe on it just for a meeting, coffee or simply to communicate with the person you met and what impression this person had on you. You blink with your heart, your heart beats hard, until the chosen person hears how much.

It is a clothing that allows us to communicate with other people by displaying characters and symbols on each other, depending on the version. It is made for fun in public space. By displaying on yourself or on the person you meet, you signal your feelings, you invite him to play. You establish personal relationships.

We know that the most difficult element of the communication process is showing, recognizing and naming your own feelings and emotions. We know how difficult it is to talk about feelings in response to the question “what do you feel?” – we hear opinions. Now we can show our feelings to the next person walking or standing by, we can also display the slogan “Love you” or SOS. We can show what we feel by a sound or by giving a light signal.

The work was created in cooperation with the Witchraft Lab company.