The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów is organizing a series of workshops with business representatives for the best students in UITM, the members of the School of Leaders program. The event is possible thanks to the university’s cooperation with international companies from Rzeszów, which have experience in creating leaders and designing activities in the business environment.

The first meeting will take place on the 11th of February 13, 2020 with Delikat Consulting, a firm which offers a wide range of services in the field of brand image building and public relations, represented by the owner, Mr Łukasz Delikat.

The workshops were divided into four closely related thematic blocks, which will be conducted in English in the upcoming weeks. The first part will consist of students exploring the secrets of effective customer service, discovering the potential of the initiatives taken by a leader, as well as skilful service delivery. The next meetings will focus on human resource management, effective recruitment and exploring the concept of HR Business Partnership. The meetings are based on an exchange of practical knowledge through exercises, interactions, business simulations in practice, and building relationships with the audience.

We focus on advancements based on the experience of specialists. The speaker, Mr Łukasz Delikat, is an international specialist with extensive business experience in both theory and practice. He is a competent spokesman with highly developed leadership skills, discovering the natural talent of developing people in a professional environment.

The best UITM students have the opportunity not only to participate in creative workshops but also to acquire first-hand knowledge from potential future employers or partners, people who create the entrepreneurial environment.

The initiative of the School of Leaders program is primarily focused on the development of new attributes, in other words, nurturing and guiding individuals to become future leaders.