Vice–Rector for Teaching

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Media and Social Communication for:
Journalism and Social Communication

Digital Communication

Digital Marketing

Assistant Professor at the Chair of Media, Journalism and Social Communication.

PhD in Sociology (University of Rzeszów, 2009).

Her scientific interests focus on: psychosocial aspects of the Internet and new media, mediatisation processes in various spheres of life, psychology of brands and advertising, as well as science journalism.

She is an author of numerous expert and research reports, original courses and workshops.

She specialises in social research and analyses related to the quality of education.

In the 2017/2018 academic year, she was the coordinator of the UITM 50+ Academy.

She is a soft skills trainer in interpersonal communication, business negotiation, team building, self-presentation and public speaking, as well as teamwork (she conducts workshops, trainings and classes as part of postgraduate and MBA studies).

From 1995 to 2001, she was a co-worker at Radio Via in Rzeszów. Currently, she is a co-host of a music programme titled Musicology. She has been a frequent guest as an expert on Polish Radio Rzeszów, Radio Via, in current affairs and information programmes of TVP3 Rzeszów and in the local press.


Conducted courses:

Conducted courses:
2023/2024 winter semester
Psychology of brands, advertising psychology, diploma seminar.

Postgraduate studies:

interpersonal communication and teamwork

elements of psychology in management

Student materials are available on the e-Learning platform.

Materials for students are available at the relevant courses at the Blackboard platform.


Information about the #Bezsieci research project:
A week without the Internet – an experiment by Rzeszów scientists and students, MNiSW portal „Nauka w Polsce”, 4 April 2017.
7 days without the Internet. Experiment of UITM scientists. „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 6 April 2017.
How not to go crazy without the Internet? You Tube, 1 June 2018.
7 days without the Internet. Will you take up the challenge? „Gazeta Prawna”, 5 May 2017.
Summer rehab camps for web addicts „Polityka”, 8 August 2018.
A week without the Internet at UITM in Rzeszów. The experiment surprised the authors, „Nowiny”, 23 May 2017.

Interviews in
“Girls learn!” 15 March 2019.
People have dreams, but not necessarily plans, 10 February 2020.

'Epidemic of fake news’ Super News, 5 March 2020.

Musicology programme on Radio VIA.

Lecture in the 'Give a high-five to science’ series entitled „What happens when they turn off the Internet?” – a link to the lecture.


Radio Via, 19.01.2022 on the impact of the Internet on our lives.

Nowiny, 8.02.2021 on the COVID-19 pandemic

Radio Via, 8.03.2021 on the situation of women on the labour market.

Radio Rzeszów, Rector’s Hours programme – 2.03.2021 – on contemporary communication.

Siódma9, 30.04.2021 on research on the mediatisation of religion and online mass broadcasts during the pandemic.

Rado Via, 14.05.2021 on the model of the modern family.

Nowiny, 14.06.2021 on the presidential election in Rzeszów.

Nowiny24, 802.2021 on behaviour during the pandemic.

Radio Rzeszów, 2.03.2022 on fake news and disinformation.

TVP Rzeszów, 4.03.2022 on helping refugees.

Nowiny24, 22.03.2022 on helping refugees.

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