Postgraduate Programme

International Human Resources Management

Form of studies: Full-time / Major: Management /Duration: : 4 semesters

The focus of the international business studies programme is on the strategy and operation of international companies. You learn how to choose tools to analyse and assess the conditions under which a company operates on the international market, and how to identify the impact of different environmental factors and the specifics of different regional markets. At the same time, you develop skills in applying advanced management methods to business activities.

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If you have the ambition to work across international borders and cultures in an ever-changing business and economic environment, this is the programme for you.
An HR specialist’s job is, among other things, to recruit, manage employees’ careers and ensure good working conditions in the company. A satisfied employee is crucial to providing exceptional customer service and to a successful company.
In times of an employee-driven market, companies need HR departments more than ever to take care of organisational culture, team integration and maintaining strong commitment among employees. HRM specialists can be found in virtually every modern company or institution, regardless of the sector, industry or size of the company.
Our study programme provides not only knowledge, but above all else, it is practical in nature and equips students with a set of skills desired by employers, which results in faster career development. Studies prepare you for multifaceted challenges by analysing and solving problems based on real case studies and collaborating with established companies.
why study IBM at UITM
Why study International Human Resources Management at UITM?
All you need in Business
Our integrated programme is aimed at preparing students for leading positions in business organizations. If you want to start your own company, manage a family business, work in an international organization or undertake any other enterprise this programme is ideal for you.
Get where you need to be
This master’s degree provides a fast-track into business for those with no previous experience and covers all key elements of management.
Practice in business
Gain even more practical skills during the internships you’ll do with companies – both local and international. It will give you much a more highly-valued hands-on experience before venturing into the job market.
Earn more
Postgraduates on average earn 16% more than undergraduates and In the United States the difference is even greater – with postgraduates earning up to 25% more.
Example subjects
subject on IBM programme
  • International Business Management
  • Cultural aspects of international business
  • Ethics in international relations
  • Human resources management in international corporations
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Talent management and managerial coaching
  • Labour law
  • Modern Organisation and Management Conceptions
  • IT Management in an Organisation
  • Operational Management
Want to know more?
job opportunities IBM
Discover your career possibilities:
  • Business consultant
  • Specialist in a training company
  • HR specialist
  • Recruitment and selection specialist
  • HR Manager
  • Running your own company in international business
Key Facts
Duration: 4 semesters /  Language: English
Tuition fee per year
4500 EUR*

* Please check the Tuition Fee for Citizens of Poland, European Union, Macedonia, Serbia and the Post-Soviet Union Countries here

04.04.2022 – 24.10.2022
Winter Semester starts on
November 2022
IBM student
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