Postgraduate Programme

Logistics and Transport Management

Form of studies: Full-time / Major: Management / Duration: : 4 semesters

Choose Logistics and Transport Management and discover endless possibilities of your future development. Thanks to UITM’s diploma you will obtain a competitive advantage and leading position on the labour market.

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Are you looking fora fast-paced, fascinating and challenging career? UITM’s master’s degree in Logistics and Transport Management can lay the groundwork for a great international career.
Knowledge needed to succeed
Our integrated study programme provides not only knowledge, but above all else, it is practical in nature and equips students with a set of skills desired by employers, which results in faster career development. The programme prepares you for multifaceted challenges, requiring a balance between theoretical and practical skills, by analysing and solving problems based on real-life case studies and collaborating with established companies.
Practical approach
The programme focuses on a practical approach to teaching, reflected in the practice-oriented coursework. Active student learning in the form of laboratories, seminars, workshops and problembased projects are designed to engage your interest and enable you to become autonomous and continuous learners. There is a strong emphasis on the use of real-world examples and case studies, many of which are developed in close collaboration with industry.
Real-life skillset
You will learn the techniques and methodologies you need to make decisions, or to provide the necessary information for others to make policy decisions. As you collaborate with other students from different educational backgrounds and nationalities you will gain fresh insights and diverse perspectives. As a graduate you will benefit from our strong research and educational links with the logistics industry at local, national and global levels.
why study IBM at UITM
Why Study Logistics And Transport Management at UITM?
Job opportunities
It’s a profession with multiple employment opportunities, as this sector employs six million people in the EU alone. During your studies, you can improve your position in the labour market thanks to obtaining a prestigious TUV NORD certificate entitled Supply Chain Manager and Internal Auditor 28000, for free!
Top industry
As the global economy expands, logistics is becoming one of the most important industries to be a part of. You can enter this world well-prepared thanks to two SAP modules that we offer: FI – Financial Accounting and CO – Management Accounting, confirmed with appropriate certificates. All classes preparing for certification are conducted by professionals.
Get credentials = earn more
Postgraduates earn 16% more than undergraduates and In the United States the difference is even greater with postgraduates earning 25% more.
Test yourself
Logistics and Transport Management is pivotal to decision making and organizational success in meeting business objectives.
Example subjects
subject on IBM programme
  • Managerial Economics
  • International Trade
  • Research Methodology
  • Competition and Operational Management
  • Airports and airlines e-commerce
  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing in Transport and Logistics
  • Means of Transport and Models in Air and Sea Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transport Policy
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job opportunities IBM
Discover your career possibilities:
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Demand Planner
  • Transport Coordinator
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Logistics Planner
  • Global Planning Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
Key Facts
Duration: 4 semesters /  Language: English
Tuition fee per year
4500 EUR*

* Please check the Tuition Fee for Citizens of Poland, European Union, Macedonia, Serbia and the Post-Soviet Union Countries here

From 26th Aprill 2021 till 30th of October
Winter Semester starts on
11th November 2021
IBM student
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