Chair of Management

The Chair of Management conducts research in the field of organization and management, concerning e.g. defense economics and management, public sector management, economics and management of migrations; public sector procurement, conflict management, crisis management, contemporary terrorism, state security issues, as well as marketing management, strategic management and health care management.

The object of the Chair’s research interests are also issues of project management, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as human resource management.

The research results and research experience are used by the employees of the Chair during their educational activity, to enrich theoretical lectures with practical conclusions and recommendations.


Scientific research projects financed from external sources:

BE Aware Student (BEAST)

Project consortium: University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (Poland), Universita Degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Polytechnics Institute of Portalegre (Portugal).
Project Manager: Joanna Świętoniowska, Ph.D.
The aim of the project is to modernize the university’s offer by developing, testing and implementing an innovative course/subject in the field of IT: “Business model – Become a passionate IT specialist”, which shapes the ability to generate personal business models and the ability to use innovative ideas in shaping a professional career.
Period of implementation: 1.09.2018–31.12.2020
Financing: Erasmus+ within the framework of action 2 Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education

Research financed from the subsidy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

Shaping a competitive position on the Polish air transport market on the example of the Lufthansa carrier
Project Manager: Olesia Iefremova, M.Sc.
The main aim of the research is to determine ways to evaluate the competitive position of the company on the air services market with respect to competitors on the example of the Lufthansa airline. As part of empirical research, a CAWI (Computer-Aided Web Interviewing) survey will be conducted based on an online research panel, whose aim will be to determine, from the clients’ perspective, factors affecting a competitive position of an airline on the Polish air transport market, with particular emphasis on the Lufthansa carrier. The factors that determine the choice of an airline by passengers, propensity to recommend, consumer preferences, opinions and attitudes of passengers will be examined.
Period of implementation: 2019–2020

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