Chair of Information Systems Applications

The employees of the Chair of Information Systems Applications investigate broadly understood issues of data and signal processing with the use of information methods to control automatic machines, industrial processes and work support by voice interface. These topics include methods of artificial intelligence, group intelligence and deep neural networks used for speech recognition, image processing and recognition, classification, biometric identification of people, and robotic automation of tasks and optimization processes.

A globally unique approach developed at the Department is the method of motivated learning in embodied artificial intelligence systems and related problems such as self-organizing goal-driven learning, associative spatial-temporal memories, motivated mechanisms of sensory-motor interactions, event prediction, robotic perception and building environmental models.


Scientific research projects financed from external sources:

Development of effective mechanisms for robot perception using motivated learning and self-organizing associative memory

Project manager: Prof. Janusz Starzyk, Ph.D.

The main aim of the research proposed in the project is to develop new effective perception mechanisms using the generalized idea of Motivated Learning (ML) and new associative learning and reasoning mechanisms. The research results achieved under this project will allow to build modern cognitive systems which, based on specific needs, are conditionally and intelligently capable of defining associations and forming the knowledge needed to achieve the set goals.
Period of implementation: 15.03.2017–14.09.2020
Financing: National Science Center OPUS program

IVA service platform of virtual voice agents for emergency call hotlines automation

Project manager on the side of UITM: Leszek Gajecki, Ph.D., Eng.
The research team from UITM, together with the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, participated in the Haxon Telecom research and development project. Its main aim on the side of the UITM team was to improve the quality of speech recognition by the latest computational techniques.
Period of implementation: 2017–2018
Financing: National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR)

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