Student Life

Student Life at UITM is more than just lectures and classrooms. Our students build friendships, learn skills, develop their professional networking, participate in various clubs, take part in talent shows and exhibitions with trips enjoyed abroad. There are plenty of activities to choose from at the University Campuses and in the city itself.

What’s on?

Students can develop their interests and thirst for knowledge in the following scientific interest groups:

Every year UITM hosts an Open Day of Scientific Clubs and Student Organizations. The Open Day aims to show what scientific clubs have to offer and encourage students to develop their passions, interests and to engage in various forms of extracurricular activities.

IQ Club is the place where talent is discovered. Our most popular event – UITM’s Got Talent – invites the most active and talented students of the university to participate and gives them a chance to showcase their artistic potential. The Grand Final attracts many people to the IQ Club and thanks to the live streaming facility, the performance is watched by hundreds all around the world.

The Student Center for European Union Research “EU Club” and the Student Scientific Club of the Institute for Research on Civilizations came up with the idea of initiating an open discussion space for students, where they can share their opinions and thoughts on subjects like: Human Rights and Women Rights amongst an array of other topics important to today’s world. UITM Talks gives students an opportunity to speak openly and freely about important issues, express their concerns, inspire others and raise awareness on key subject matters.

Every semester our University organizes the Erasmus Welcome Days. For 2 days the Erasmus+ Office takes care of a group of students who come to UITM for study exchange. It is UITM’s long tradition to organize the integration event which is greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the incoming students.

With a study body made up of 50 countries, there is always something new to discover about different cultures and learn about history, cuisine and traditions. A day in the life of Ukrainian and Kazakh Culture for example or the celebration of Nowruz and our International Christmas Eve are only a few examples of events organized every year.

The voice of the student body who serves to connect students and the administration. It is a platform for the student body to positively impact this University.

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Our teams appear in as many as 21 types of academic sporting competitions. We are proud that our teams have gone on to win various gold and silver medals at the Polish Academic Championships. Sports include athletics, mountain biking, table tennis, downhill skiing, badminton, swimming, cross-country running, basketball, and volleyball. Almost half of the team members are international students.

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