Student Support Office (ISSO)

International Student Support Office

International Student Support Office (ISSO) is the university unit that coordinates adaptation and integration activities addressed to the UITM academic community with particular attention to foreign students. The office is responsible for running the Adaptation Clinic, Buddy program coordination,  as well as consultations regarding legalization of stay in Poland, health insurance and the nostrification of school diplomas.

Students who are experiencing issues such as cultural shock, homesickness, or difficulty communicating with University employees can seek assistance at the Adaptation Clinic, which is located in International Student Support Office in room RA226.


Opening hours for Students:

  • From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..

  • Weekends – closed.

You can also contact the employees of the office by telephone number or e-mail:

Dominika Cichocka

International Students Consultant

(Studies in English)

+48 17 866 11 69

Anastasiia Hlukhova

International Students Consultant

(Studies in Polish and Foundation language course)

+48 17 866 12 91

Vademecum for International Student UITM

Have you just started your studies at the University of International Technology and Management? Get acquainted with Vademecum for the newly admitted students, in which you will find answers to  frequently asked questions before your arrival in Rzeszów! See you at UITM!

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The university stands against of any form of discriminative or unacceptable behavior. There is no place in our community for racial, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual orientation related intolerance. Racist and discriminative behavior should be immediately reported to the office employees. Students may approach the office regardless of the reason of the discrimination, the circumstances in which the actions took place or the person who behaved in an inappropriate manner. The office ensures full anonymity of reporting students.

Information can be provided personally at the office or by phone/e-mail. Your well-being is our priority!

The International Students Support Office remains in constant contact with the Voivodship Office, City Hall, Board of Education, as well as with cultural organizations and non-governmental organizations in the city. The office also cooperates with local schools and kindergartens that want to host foreign students with presentations about their countries of origin.

Every year, the International Students Support Office organizes a series of events and meetings aimed at integrating the academic community and facilitating the adaptation process of foreign students. In addition to Orientation Week, Christmas Eve and Polish Easter, an integration camp and regular training, the Office also supports students who want to present the most beautiful traditions and customs of their culture to a wider audience.

Beginning studies brings with it not only the joy of a new period of life, but also the stress of unfamiliarity with Polish law and legal culture. The office makes every effort to assist international students in obtaining legal status in Poland. Students can take advantage of free consultation and support in completing the required documentation as part of the Adaptive Clinic.

In the case of the nostrification of the school diploma, the office employees not only check the documents, but also deliver them to the Board of Education.

Areas of assistance:

Temporary Residence Card – a document issued to a foreigner who has obtained a residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland;

PESEL – a unique identification number, issued once in a lifetime to every person living in Poland;

Meldunek – a document confirming settlement in Poland at a given address;

Health insurance – covers health care services, including: medical visits, treatments and hospital stay;

School Diploma Nostrification – legalization of a diploma confirming completion of secondary education. Necessary to continue studies at UITM.

Nobody will understand a student like another student, so one of the forms of support provided by the office is the ‘Buddy’ program, within older students support younger colleagues. The support does not only cover the area related to the University and studying, but also settling in Poland and Rzeszów.

People participating in the Buddy program belong to the Multicultural Academic Club. Buddies will receive the following benefits:

  • Activity points required for the scholarship (max. 25);
  • Priority in recruitment to the Erasmus + program;
  • Opportunity to participate in events organized by ISSO and the academic club (f.e Orientation Week, Easter, Christmas Eve, etc.);
  • Opportunity to participate in meetings connected with intercultural communication and multicultural management;
  • Gaining experience of working in a multicultural environment, valued on the labor market;
  • Active participation in the integration of the academic community.

People who want to become Buddies should contact Dominika Cichocka .

( At the end of each academic year, the „Buddy of the Year” title is awarded.

At the end of each semester, the office prepares a questionnaire in which students can grade their cooperation with UITM units. The results of the survey are submitted straight to the University Authorities. The full anonymity is guaranteed for respondents. Remember that as an academic community, we can only develop through the constant changes, so we count on your honest feedback!

Foreign students, especially those who have just started their studies and moved to Poland, should know emergency numbers. In situations where life or health are under the risk, the relevant services should be informed immediately:

  • 112 – General emergency number
  • 997 – Police
  • 999 – Ambulance
  • 998 – Fire Brigade
  • 992 – Gas Rescue Service

If student needs help of an employee of the International Student Support Office (e.g. in order to communicate with the above-mentioned services), they can call the emergency number: +48 667 961 186.

Please note, that you can call this number only in emergency situations.

The club brings together people participating in the Buddy program. However, the club is open to all students who are considering joining the programs or want to contribute to the strengthening of the internationalization of the University.

Information about the club is provided by Dominika Cichocka –
Read more about student life at UITM -> here

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