10 Reasons for Choosing UITM

Practical Education

Studying is not only about theory; it’s also about getting practical experience. In our 84 specialist laboratories you can develop your skills and gain practical knowledge in the chosen field of study. Thanks to this – once you graduate  –  you will already possess experience highly valued by employers. This will be a great pass to your professional career.

Versatility and Flexibility

Since the beginning, we are a modern and dynamic university. We follow trends and listen to experts. We teach in a flexible and effective way. The university cooperates with many companies and institutions, that’s why our courses are adapted to the labour market’s needs. It means, that after finishing your studies there is no need to worry about your professional future.

Looking for Specialisation

Our specialisations are the key to the contemporary labour market. The courses are taught by selected staff who not only acquaint you with theoretical aspects of a given subject, but also help you to gain practical skills. We follow local and global trends, that is why our specialisations are adapted to the real expectations of both students and employers.

Student-friendly University

Students well-being makes studying more conducive. UITM uses modern solutions to make studies more pleasurable. Free Wi-Fi, e-mails, chats or electronic ID cards are our students everyday life. They are so satisfied with their decision about the university, that more than 75% of them recommend us to their friends.


While studying at UITM you will have a chance to meet foreign peers and lecturers on an everyday basis; at present there are around 1,700 students from more than 40 countries worldwide at UITM. You will get to know how to work in a multinational and multicultural environment. You can also study abroad under the Erasmus+ Programme. And when you finish your studies, you become part of a global labour market, i.e. as an employee of an international giant.

Modernity and Dynamics

Our campus in Kielnarowa is one of the most advanced research centres in Poland, where innovative teaching methods are implemented. Our lecturers encourage students to think in a creative and analytical way, in order to be able to face problems of the contemporary world. Study programmes and infrastructure are designed in a way which helps them achieve it. We also offer additional activities which are tailored both to students interests and challenges of the labour market.

Quality of Study Programmes

While studying at UITM you will have a chance to receive certificates recognized globally, i.a. language and IT certificates. Thanks to qualified university staff you can be sure of receiving reliable knowledge which will open the door to your future career. Our students earn awards and distinctions both in Poland and abroad, and once they become graduates, they often work for the best employers in their fields.

Developing Potential

We know how to recognize our students’ talents; our qualified staff are meant to help you identify and develop them. We support scientific, business and artistic initiatives of our students. We observe, analyse and help to bring the best out of our students. Thanks to us you will discover your strengths and develop your potential.

Valuable people

We believe that the strength of the university is primarily determined by its community, so we employ and invite to cooperation people who can teach you a lot. At UITM you can meet experienced practitioners, as well as many famous artists or scientists from the top world universities. We make sure that the knowledge they pass is broad and meets no only the market needs, but also our students.

Complex preparation for the future

We really care about your future, since our graduates’ achievements prove high standards of education at UITM. We want you to be successful, therefore we conduct market research and adapt our courses to the needs of the labour market. Thanks to this, we can pass knowledge which will guaranty a good career start in the field you have always dreamt of.

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