Careers Service

The Careers Service concentrates on helping students and graduates shift from learning to job-searching and establish contacts with employers. It also popularizes the labour market’s policies and practices.

On 15th September 2003, the UITM Careers Service was listed in the Employment Agency Register as a recruitment agency for the whole of Poland and a Human Resources Consulting Agency, under No. 141/1a. Thanks to that, the Service provides help for those who are interested in planning their future careers and finding a job.

The Careers Service’s basic methods for providing such services are trainings, gathering and distribution of job offers, conducting preliminary work recruitment, and organising the Podkarpackie Province Job Fair.

The Careers Service’s main duties are:

  • gathering data about the local and national labour market,
  • gathering information about workplaces in companies active in the region, in whole Poland and abroad,
  • organising meetings of employers and students, and presentations of companies,
  • conducting workshops connected with the labour market,
  • preparing students for interviews,
  • keeping a database of job-seekers as a recruitment agency,
  • organising vocational training in Poland and abroad,
  • grant projects coordination,
  • organising consultative meetings to help students get to know themselves and their vocational predispositions better,
  • information on the perspectives of professional development and on the opportunities for raising qualifications,
  • organising periodically the Podkarpackie Job Fair,
  • running Career Counselling Services for applicants for studies, students and graduates,
  • conducting training for secondary schools on career and professional development planning.

Work and Training Abroad

The UITM Careers Service cooperates with foreign companies offering a wide range of trainings and employment. Moreover, the Careers Service cooperates with international partners within the framework of EU programmes, thanks to which UITM students can obtain international internships, mainly in Germany and Italy.

In addition, the Careers Service deals with internship proposals, trainings and employment offers, which are collected and presented to students and graduates. The latter can obtain valuable experience and knowledge about the European labour market, as well as financial means for further education.

Vocational Training

All UITM students are obligated to undergo training according to their field of study. Principles of undergoing the training are specified in the Regulations of student vocational training.

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