Foundation Year

FOUNDATION YEAR preparing for studying in English

Offer for candidates from countries other than the EU

Candidates recruited for a foundation year, preparing to study in English, receive from the University a certificate of acceptance for the course, on the basis of which they apply for a D-type visa, authorizing them to stay in the territory of Poland and other Schengen states (visa intended for people coming to Poland for studying). Before starting the course, the University conducts a placement test, based on which the participants are assigned to groups with a specific level of English (A0 / A1).

The English language course concludes with the obligatory B2 TELC exam (the cost of the exam is included in the price of the course), which authorizes a participant to undertake English-language studies in Poland. If, after completing the course, the participant does not obtain the required certificate, shorter language courses (e.g. 160 hours) will be offered.

The year of education as part of the foundation year includes not only classes in English (700 hours), but also:

  • 30 hours of Polish language
  • 20 hours of classes in the field of information technology
  • 30 hours of sports activities
  • 20 hours of classes about Poland and the European Union

Additionally, during the course an adaptation program will be implemented, the purpose of which is to facilitate participants to integrate in their new socio-cultural environment.

After completing the course, the participant will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course along with information about the subject area of ​​the course.

Detailed description of the foundation year:

Duration time: 1 year (2 semesters),

Classes are conducted five days a week, excluding Saturdays and Sundays

Charge: 3000 EUR – payable once at the recruitment stage 

 Programme framework of the course:

Semester 1:

·         English: 350 hours (5 hours a day)

·         Polish: 15 hours

·         Sports: 15 hours

·         Information Technology: 20 hours

Semester 2:

·         English: 350 hours (5 hours a day)

·         Polish: 15 hours

·         Sports: 15 hours

·         Poland and European Union: 20 hours

Descriptions of additional classes carried out as part of the course:

Polish language

Thanks to the Polish language classes, students will learn about Polish pronunciation and basic phrases that will enable communication in typical everyday situations.

Information Technology

Classes in information technology will introduce participants to the implementation of tasks using a text editor, spreadsheet and software for creating multimedia presentations, and will enable them to become acquainted with the possibilities and principles of using IT tools used in the teaching process of the University.


During sports activities, the participants will become acquainted with the university’s rich sporting infrastructure, which includes the largest sports hall in this part of Poland used for teaching purposes, outdoor beach volleyball and football fields, stud farms, areas for jogging, mountain biking and Nordic walking. During the classes, participants play team sports games – football, volleyball, basketball, handball, and individual sports – tennis, table tennis and badminton. As part of the course, students can also use the professional gym located in the sports hall.

Poland and the European Union

As part of the course participants will receive basic information about the functioning of the Polish state and the European Union, including: regarding Poland – learning the most important historical, economic and cultural aspects and, regarding the European Union – the history of the EU, its main institutions and objectives of activities in the socio-economic area.

Documents required from foreign students wishing to apply for the foundation year

  • Application Form for the Preparatory Course (available here);
  • Motivational Letter addressed to the Director of Finance and Development including justification for choosing the foundation year
  • Curriculum Vitae in English signed by the candidate
  • High School Education Diploma including a marksheet (original copy and sworn translation into English or Polish) with Apostille or legalized by the Polish Embassy (see the complete list of members of The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents)
  • Notary attested eligibility certificate in which it is stated that the candidate has the right to apply for admission to any tertiary institution in the country under which educational system his/her High School Diploma was issued. Statement of the total number of years completed at school (including primary, secondary and/or higher secondary school) has to be also added to this document or provided separately. If English was the language of instruction during previous education it can be mentioned in the Eligibility Certificate as well. Please, download the template of this document here: Template of Eligibility Certificate
  • Health Certificate (stating that that candidate is in good health and capable of commencing education abroad)
  • 1 Photograph 35×45 mm (undamaged, up-to-date color photograph exposed evenly on a light background, taken not earlier than 6 months before course application).

Required documents have to be sent via email to: 
If you encounter any problems when preparing your application, please contact the Admissions Specialist for International Students directly.

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