UITM students got a chance to get free studies from the university authorities long before the decision on equal treatment of public and private university students in the scope of granting funds for scholarships from the state budget.

From the beginning, UITM has been awarding scholarships for full-time and part-time students from its own funds. We introduced our own Free Placement System already in the academic year 2002/03.

Currently, the program is called “Free studies for the best”. As part of it, the best students can already learn for free or a partial fee, receiving scholarships covering up to 100% of the tuition fee. After the first semester, students may apply for a Rector’s scholarship or participation in the system of supporting the most talented students – School of Leaders. Thanks to this, talented young people can receive free education throughout their studies.

  • Intended for full-time and part-time students.
  • The basis for granting the scholarship is the average of grades obtained for the previous semester (minimum average 3.5 with only one retake).
  • To the average amount (A) – which is converted into points – points (B) are added for additional scientific, artistic or sports achievements covering the period of the last semester (if such a student has)
  • A ranking of students is created from the sum of points (A + B), of which 10% of the best in the field (without division into degrees, forms of education as well as speciaities and semesters of studies) receives the Rector’s scholarship
  • The scholarship can be obtained after completing the semester – unlike in previous years when the condition for applying for the scholarship was to complete the year of education and only at one university and one field of study indicated by the student.
  • The scholarship is awarded per semester (5 calendar months).
  • The scholarship is awarded on the student’s written application. The deadline for submitting applications is 30 September for the scholarship for the winter semester and 28 February for the scholarship for the summer semester. Students admitted to second-cycle studies for the summer semester submit their applications by 30 March.
  • Applications should be submitted to the Dean’s Office.

The application form for the Rector’s scholarship is available at the Dean’s Office and at the Virtual University.

Important! In the 2019/2020 academic year, after admission to the Rector’s scholarship, newly admitted students from abroad can also apply.

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has initiated a new scholarship programme: “School of Leaders” (SoL). Its main aim is to support talented students in their scientific development and help shape leadership attitudes and skills.

As a participant you can benefit from:

  • individual tutoring by an academic teacher to help you develop your interests and competencies,
  • free participation in exclusive specialist workshops,
  • participating in projects and research conducted by UITM units,
  • free consultations concerning starting your own business, offered by specialists from the UITM Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  • assistance of the Careers Service within planning your career path.

In addition, students belonging to the Program will receive an internship offer at UITM units, where they will have the chance to gain their first professional experience and acquire valuable skills in the labor market.

Qualification to the School of Leaders is based on applications for the Rector’s Scholarship. Students qualified for the highest scholarship ceiling, regardless of their nationality, field or year of study, or form of education, will be invited to participate in this elite Program. Then, the only condition will be to submit to the Scholarship Section (room 27/2 in the main building at 2 Sucharskiego St.) a declaration of participation along with the candidate’s CV.

More information – HERE

Małgorzata Sokół
School of Leaders Coordinator

Scholarship programme implemented in cooperation with Santander Universidades

Scholarship is intended for students who cannot apply for scholarships financed from the state budget. You can get a scholarship after completing the 1st semester of the first-cycle studies on the basis of a written application (details can be found in the scholarship regulations).

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of your written application to which you will attach a certificate confirming your disability (the certificate should be issued in Poland).

You can get a scholarship already in the first year of studies and it is awarded for an academic semester (5 calendar months).

You can receive your relief already during the 1st semester. It can be granted to you if you found yourself in a difficult financial situation.

You can receive payment twice an academic year upon your written request. The application should be accompanied by all documents confirming the circumstances constituting the basis of the application.

The application must be submitted within two months of the occurrence of the circumstances forming the basis of the application.

For more details contact Scholarship Office:

Ms Michalina Mróz
tel.:  (+48) 17 866 14 75

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow

ul. Sucharskiego 2,
35-225 Rzeszow, Poland

phone: 17 866 11 11
fax: +48 17 866 12 22

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