Since the beginning of its activity, UITM has been extending and improving the scholarship system for students, enabling them to obtain funds to cover tuition and living costs.

An innovative scholarship programme at UITM, whose main goal is to support the most talented students in scientific development and to shape attitudes and leadership skills. People under the SoL programme will study completely free – university pays for tuition. Qualification for the programme is based on a score, which includes the grade point average and additional activity that the student can show in the application. On the basis of the average marks and points for activity, a ranking list of students is created. Later on, the commission conducts interviews with them. More information you will find on SoL webpage.

Scholarship is intended for students who cannot apply for scholarships financed from the state budget. You can get a scholarship after completing the 1st semester of the first-cycle studies on the basis of a written application (details can be found in the scholarship regulations).

You can apply for a scholarship after completing the first semester of studies. You can get it if you will:

  • achieve outstanding results in science (details in regulations);
  • get extra points for scientific, sports or artistic achievements (in the semester preceding the submission of the application),
  • submit a written application for a scholarship within the prescribed period.

Based on the above criteria, students’ ranking is created. 10% of the best students on each course will receive the rector’s scholarship. The scholarship is awarded per semester (5 calendar months). In the winter semester of 2018/2019, our students received scholarships in the amount of PLN 400, 600 or 800. In the next semester you can be in their group.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of your written application to which you will attach a certificate confirming your disability (the certificate should be issued in Poland). You can get a scholarship already in the first year of studies and it is awarded for an academic semester (5 calendar months).

You can receive your relief already during the 1st semester. It can be granted to you if you found yourself in a difficult financial situation. You can receive payment twice an academic year upon your written request. The application should be accompanied by all documents confirming the circumstances constituting the basis of the application. The application must be submitted within two months of the occurrence of the circumstances forming the basis of the application.

For more details contact Scholarship Office: Ms Kinga Gaweł tel.:  (+48) 17 866 13 03 e-mail:

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