School of Leaders

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has initiated a new scholarship programme: “School of Leaders” (SoL). Its main aim is to support talented students in their scientific development and help shape leadership attitudes and skills.

SoL participants study entirely for free!The University pays your tuition fees.

Additionally, as a participant you can benefit from:

  • individual tutoring by an academic teacher to help you develop your interests and competencies,
  • free participation in exclusive specialist workshops,
  • participating in projects and research conducted by UITM units,
  • free consultations concerning starting your own business, offered by specialists from the UITM Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  • assistance of the Careers Service within planning your career path.

The School of Leaders is open to any first-year student of first cycle (Bachelor) studies and uniform Master’s degree studies, who after the first semester of studies, attains a grade average of at least 4.0 for that first semester. 

Students are qualified to the programme based on points resulting from the average grade and additional activity which the student may indicate in the application. Based on the average grade and points for additional activity, a ranking is formed to select no more than 40 students with the best results, whom the Committee then interviews. The programme accepts 20 students.

Application to the School of Leaders

Regulation on the organisation of the School of Leaders

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