School of Leaders

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has initiated a new scholarship programme: “School of Leaders” (SoL). Its main aim is to support talented students in their scientific development and help shape leadership attitudes and skills.

As a participant you can benefit from:

  • individual tutoring by an academic teacher to help you develop your interests and competencies,
  • free participation in exclusive specialist workshops,
  • participating in projects and research conducted by UITM units,
  • free consultations concerning starting your own business, offered by specialists from the UITM Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  • assistance of the Careers Service within planning your career path.

In addition, students belonging to the Program will receive an internship offer at UITM units, where they will have the chance to gain their first professional experience and acquire valuable skills in the labor market.

Qualification to the School of Leaders is based on applications for the Rector’s Scholarship. Students qualified for the highest scholarship ceiling, regardless of their nationality, field or year of study, or form of education, will be invited to participate in this elite Program. Then, the only condition will be to submit to the Scholarship Section (room 27/2 in the main building at 2 Sucharskiego St.) a declaration of participation along with the candidate’s CV.

Małgorzata Sokół
School of Leaders Coordinator

For candidates from Belarus for the 1st year of studies and senior students, relegated from Belarusian universities for participating in democratic demonstrations in his country.

The scholarship module of the School of Leaders (SoL-D) is dedicated to students from Belarus who want to study in Poland and who are also interested in developing their knowledge and competences regarding the creation and functioning of a democratic society.

The University of Information Technology and Management offers 20 scholarships to the best students of Belarusian nationality who will be recruited in the 2020/2021 academic year regardless of the language, form and degree of education.

In the event of high interest, the university may increase the number of granted scholarships!

The School of Leaders for Democracy provides many unique opportunities for development and education of future leaders in the following areas:

  • how to peacefully build an effective democratic society?
  • how to develop a civil society?
  • how can today’s societies defend their freedom?
  • what are the greatest challenges of today?
  • how to counteract processes that threaten freedom and democracy?

Students who are members of SoL-D module will receive a scholarship in the form of funding 100% or 50% of tuition fee and the opportunity to benefit from all advantages resulting from being the School of Leaders program participant.

Recruitment for the SoL-D module will be based on applications (download template) submitted by students to the Student Benefits Section by November 10, 2020.
Classification is based on a score that includes:

  • high-school leaving examination results in the case of students recruited for the first semester of first-cycle or long-cycle studies;
  • grade point average from the last semester of studies in the case of students recruited for the higher semesters of first or second cycle studies, or uniform master’s studies;
  • grade point average from the 1st cycle studies in the case of students recruited for the 1st semester of 2nd cycle studies;

Taking into consideration the grade point average and high- school leaving examination results, two ranking lists will be created. Based on it, the SoL Commission will accept the 10 best students from each ranking list to the School of Leaders for Democracy. The winners will be awarded the SoL-D scholarship which will cover tuition fee:

  • Students from the first five ranking positions (positions from 1 to 5) will receive 100% tuition coverage
  • Students, ranked lower in the ranking (positions from 6 to 10) , will receive 50% of tuition coverage.

The scholarship will be granted once time per a semester with the possibility of extension until the end of studies, after meeting the requirements described in the Regulations available at the SoL Coordinator.

For further information, please contact
Małgorzata Sokół
Koordynator School of Leaders


Scholarship programme implemented in cooperation with Santander Universidades

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