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The UITM is a pioneer of Aviation Management in Poland; we are the only one university in Poland and one of a few in Europe which offer such a course; our lecturers include international experts and practitioners, whose daily work is related to air transportation.

In order to meet the expectations of the market, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (UITM) has tailored a new  course in the field of Aviation Management, which provides an opportunity of acquiring skills in Aviation Management with special focus on airport and airline operations.

Aviation Management under the patronage of Deutsche Lufthansa

UITM is the pioneer of AvM in Poland and only fourth University in Europe offering such a specialized course. Comparing the UITM offer with universities in Western Europe – we offer it at a much lower price.

Our lecturers include international experts and practitioners, whose daily work is related to air transportation market. Their enormous experience is reflected in their quality of teaching.

The UITM is the only university in Europe with a license for ARCPort software which is used for  simulations of airports operations. The software is used by the Star Alliance group on a daily basis. Our students have the opportunity to receive a certificate confirming their ability to use the ARCPort software, which is granted by the Transoft Solutions. The software is used by more than 80 international airports and guarantees a lucrative job.

The air transportation market has undergone tremendous development in the last few years. On the basis of the research made by the Civil Aviation Authority, it is anticipated that the demand for Aviation Management specialists will increase considerably in the next 15 years.

Aviation Management is held in English. In the first year students receive profound knowledge in economics and management; course modules begin in semester 3.

Why choose this course?

The Aviation Management specialization is more practice-oriented. During the course design and development, we incorporated the best European practices in education and business cooperation.

While learning various course modules our students work on large number of case studies that give them opportunity to utilize their theoretical knowledge acquired during lectures. Learning in such a manner increases their ability of taking critical approach to various issues, thinking creatively and using the best tools and economic indicators to solve a particular problem.

Aviation Management courses:

  • Aviation Management and Policy,
  • Aviation Law and Organizations,
  • Airline Network Management,
  • Airport Management,
  • Air Navigation.

What is more, students take part in a decision-game in which they make decisions and solve problems typical for airline managers. This game is offered only at one university in Germany and at two universities in the UK.

A rapidly growing aviation market, as well as a shortage of trained staff in aviation industry guarantees that the graduates will be able to find interesting work in airlines and airports at various managerial level positions, in tourist offices and in companies dealing with air transport logistics throughout the world.

Employment prospectus after graduation.

Aviation Management Alumni

Katarzyna Górska

“I took the license myself when I was 16 years old. Thanks to the university, I did internships in Lufthansa in Warsaw, among others. I went to Montreal to the International Air Transport Association. Here at UITM I also had the opportunity to obtain Certificates that are honoured around the world, such as ArcPort. To this day, I use the notes I took during my studies.”

Currently works for an analytical team in the Human Resources department for British Airways.

“After graduation, I understood that finding a work of your choice is fully depended on you. It is not only about the diploma you have. A lot of graduates from big and famous universities are struggling to find a job. I was sure about the field I want to study, so I also found the university, UITM in my case, and don’t regret at all.”

Currently works for Nordica Estonia National Airlanes.

Viktor Saganenko

Career profile and Salary Range

Nowadays, the sector of modern business support services employs more than 240,000 specialists in Poland. The average annual growth of employment in this sector was between 15 and 20 percent in past 15 years.

Graduates most in demand are those whose level of English, German, French, Scandinavian or other European languages is B2 at least, as well as those who have knowledge in the fields of finance, accounting, customer service, IT or HR.

The investment offer of the City of Rzeszow tailored to the needs of companies from the sector of modern business support services is of high interest among new investors.

Complex activities, whose aim is to develop the sector of modern business support services in Rzeszow, carried out by the authorities of the city of Rzeszow, were noticed and awarded at the Gala of CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards 2015 by international jury, whose members were directors and managers of such large-scale enterprises as: Skanska, Deloitte, PwC, Aspire or Vastint.

The city of Rzeszow received the first prize in the category: ”The Rising Star of Outsourcing in Poland in 2015”.

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