Undergraduate Programme

Biomedical Sciences

Form of studies: Full-time / Major: Biomedical Sciences / Duration: : 6 semesters

Biomedical Science (BSc)  degree that is an interface between science and medicine.

Are you interested in professional career in clinical trials? Do you want to work in scientific and research labs?

This study programme is for you!

For those who want to be a scientist, work in specialized laboratories or the field of clinical trials, introduce new active substances and drugs to the market, and implement medical procedures.

Change the future

Biomedical Sciences, combining all biological, chemical, biotechnological, and biophysical sciences, allows you to understand all processes in the human body and discover and implement new therapies in medicine!

Endless possibilities

Become a scientist, work in specialized laboratories or the field of clinical trials, introduce new active substances and drugs to the market, and implement medical procedures.

Excelent job opportunities!

The demand for biomedical scientists is constantly growing all around the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 17% increase in workplace between 2020 and 2030. Scientists are in demand!

why study IBM at UITM
Why study Biomedical Sciences at UITM?


Modern infrastructure

We know how to educate effectively and professionally! Students will develop a variety of competencies in our modern, specialized laboratories – Anatomy Laboratory, Immunology and Biochemistry Laboratory, General Biology Laboratory, Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory, and Chemistry Laboratory.


Prestiguous certificates

During your studies, you will be able to obtain certificates valued in the medical industry and clinical trials. For example, we offer the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certificate, a certificate for people participating in experimental procedures in laboratories with animals, which will increase your chances in the labour market.


We are focused on practical skills

Our programme prepares graduates for professional work and allows them to gain experience already during their studies. Nearly 50% of the classes are conducted in small group tutorials and workshops, practical sessions in the lab, and research projects, allowing us to verify the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the student.


The World is in your hands

Our Biomedical Sciences programme gives you endless possibilities and many job opportunities. You will be able to find a job in every corner of the world and work remotely at the same time. It might be the first step towards your professional success in an international environment.

Example subjects

subject on IBM programme
  • Cell and Tissue Culture
  • Cancer Cell Biology
  • Diagnostics and Treatment of Diseases
  • Model Organisms in Pre-clinical Trials
  • Molecular Biology
  • Medical nanotechnology
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Monitoring and Coordination of Clinical Trials
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetological biotechnology
  • Regenerative Medicine with Elements of Biology of Aging

Want to know more?


Biomedical Sciences allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biological and chemical processes that occur in the human body at the cellular and molecular levels. The graduate will also learn the fundamentals of disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as the fundamentals of statistics used in biomedicine. As part of the education, the student can choose the specialization: Experimental biomedicine or Monitoring and coordination of clinical trials.

Speciality: Experimental Biomedicine!

Preclinical research is an excellent foundation for any revolutionary idea! You will learn about the functioning of a human and bacterial cell at the genetic and protein levels, as well as molecular biology methods that meet international standards! Experimental biomedicine is for you if you want to learn how to perform a Real-Time PCR reaction, a full Western Blot procedure, and how to „turn off” specific genes in a cell. You will also gain skills that will enable you to apply for jobs in R&D, research, and genetic laboratories! Gain distinct skills and outperform others in the labor market.

Speciality: Monitoring and Coordination of Clinical Trials!

The future of medicine is clinical trials and the introduction of new medicinal products to the medical market! Patients who take part in clinical trials have more chances for a better life! You will learn the principles of conducting and managing a clinical trial, „Good Clinical Practice” in a clinical trial, documentation, and detailed knowledge of legal and ethical regulations applicable to clinical trials as part of this specialization. You will be well-prepared to work in companies that conduct and manage clinical trials in research facilities and medical facilities.

job opportunities IBM
Discover your career possibilities:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Research Laboratories
  • Scientific Institutes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Health Centres
  • Local Government
  • Private Companies
  • Toxicology Laboratories
  • Genetic Laboratories

Key Facts

Duration: 6 semesters /  Language: English


Tuition fee per year

4950 EUR*

* Please check the Tuition Fee for Citizens of Poland, European Union, North Macedonia, Serbia and the Post-Soviet Union Countries here


08.01.2024 – 16.09.2024

Winter Semester starts on

In the middle of October 2024

IBM student

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