Undergraduate programme

Game Design and Development

Form of studies: Full-time / Major: Information Technology / Duration: : 6 semesters

Turn your passion for games into a professional career! The video game industry is consistently expanding, there has never been a better time to study game design and development.

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The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Game Design and Development gives you the opportunity to gain expert knowledge and start a career in an industry that is already bigger than the music and movie sectors combined.

Cutting-edge programme

The aim of this programme is to teach you the entire process of creating video games including the game concept, use of game engines to create levels, and physical engines to simulate natural phenomena. At UITM we use teaching programs and technologies of well-known tech companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Apple, Cisco amongst others.

Practical approach

The program focuses on a practical approach to teaching, reflected in the practice-oriented coursework. Active student learning in the form of laboratories, projects, seminars and workshops are there to engage your interest and enable you to become autonomous and continuous learners. Professional development.

Professional development

Our classes are led by practitioners and professionals who are already working successfully in the industry. By studying Game Design and Development, you open up prospects for your professional development in this rapidly evolving global economy – computer, video and mobile games are the medium of the future.

Why study Game Design and Development at UITM?


Industry reliant on graduates

The gaming industry is a huge employer for graduates. Excellent job prospects and salaries.


Express yourself

Working in the gaming industry allows you to to work on projects linking digital technology with art.


Work anytime, anyplace

The opportunity to work from home, any country, any time zone.


Learn from the best

Classes with industry mentors and experienced computer networking instructors.

Example subjects

  • Programming
  • Game Engines and Programming Technologies
  • Physics in Games
  • Marketing and Business Aspects of Games
  • Levels Design
  • Artificial Intelligence in Games
  • Computer Graphics with HCI Elements
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Animation and Motion Capture Techniques
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Marketing and Business Aspects of Games

Discover your career possibilities:

  • Game Developer
  • Game Writer
  • Level Designer
  • Character Designer
  • Gaming Programmer
  • Motion Designer
  • Video Game Tester
  • Gameplay Programer
  • 3D Graphic Designer
  • VFX Artist

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Key Facts

Duration: 6 semesters /  Language: English


Tuition fee per year

4500 EUR*

* Please check the Tuition Fee for Citizens of Poland, European Union, Macedonia, Serbia and the Post-Soviet Union Countries here



April 2023- September 2023

Winter Semester starts on

In the middle of October 2023

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Acceptance Letter

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