FACULTY: Applied Computer Science
FORM OF STUDIES: full-time

Choose the Game development course if you want to know the entire process of creating computer games.

Learn to create a game concept, use game engines to create levels, and physical engines to simulate natural phenomena. Use programming languages employed in game implementation, artificial intelligence to control the characters, as well as graphic programs to create elements of the stage.

In addition to acquiring purely technical skills, you will also learn how to promote the game and construct entertainment to make it attractive to the player, and what business models can be used to make the game commercially successful. During classes you will get a chance to implement projects (independent and group), thanks to which you will develop the skills indispensable to create a fully functional video game.

The study program includes:

  • Preproduction,
  • Game Engines and Programming Technologies,
  • Graphic Asset Design,
  • Levels Design,
  • Physics in Games,
  • Artificial Intelligence in Games,
  • Marketing and Business Aspects of Games,
  • Animation and Motion Capture Techniques.

Practical studies

If you don’t know how and where to start, we’ll give you a hand.

Thanks to your study at UITM you will get experience essential for your future career.